Skyrim:Lost Tongue Overlook

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Dragon Lair:
Lost Tongue Overlook
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Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Console Location Code(s)
DragonLair07Exterior01, DragonLair07Exterior02, DragonLair07Exterior03, DragonLair07Exterior04
The Rift
South of Riften
Southeast of Darklight Tower
Special Features
Word Wall Dismay
Lost Tongue Overlook

Lost Tongue Overlook is a dragon lair on the Jerall Mountains south of Riften.

It is guarded by a leveled dragon after Dragon Rising has been completed. Before this it is home to a boss necromancer and their minions.

Related Quests

  • Note: This location is one of many potential targets for one or more of the radiant quests found on this page.

Lost Tongue Overlook

Spellcaster trap

The path to the lair is a short way past Snow-Shod Farm coming from Riften. It wends its way around before reaching a fork in the path; taking the left-hand path takes you past a dragon mound and then opposite a burnt caravan carriage that has been attacked by the dragon. This is the start of several flights of stairs leading up to the lair. The path continues past here and loops around a rock outcrop and passes Crystaldrift Cave before returning to the forked path along the right-hand path. By the start of the stairs is the first of several piles of rocks marking the route. Part way up the flights of stairs, there is a switchback in the path with an Iron Ore Vein on the outside of the corner. Two further flights up there is a spellcaster trap that unleashes the Ice Storm spell when triggered. It is possible to climb nearly to the top of the stair without triggering the trap and then, using a bow, shoot the soul gem that powers the trap from the pillar it rests on to deactivate it.

Word wall

One further flight of stairs brings you to a plateau with a couple of burnt corpses on that can be looted for either a few septims or a sample of bone meal. There are a few stone pillars and arches which are the remnants of the ruin that once stood here. To the east-southeast is the dragon sat atop the word wall. Once you have dealt with it, climbing one further flight of wide stairs there is another plateau with the word wall, which teaches you part of the Dismay shout. A lootable skeleton and boss chest containing leveled loot are by the word wall.


  • It is possible to ride a horse up the east slope of the hill, and avoid the trail and spellcaster trap altogether.
  • There is a non-burnt corpse located to the east of the first plateau, a few paces past the most eastern pillar of stone and right next to a large rock is the corpse, wearing a Stormcloak helmet and Cuirass.


  • At times the spellcaster trap will not appear (or the trap will be there but the soul gem won't); however it will continue to operate with no way to disable it. It will also OHK regardless of health.
  • It is possible that the spellcaster trap continues to operate even though the soul gem was shot down from the trap. Sometimes this can happen if you make a follower pick up the soul gem or if it get's dislodged without picking it up. Walk around the outside edge of the pillar to avoid the spell. ?
  • The dragon may become stuck to the word wall, and will be invincible. Revisiting the area at a later date appears to fix this ?
  • Sometimes the sound effects will play, however you may not be able to obtain the word of power from the wall due to the word not lighting up.