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SR-qico-Companions.png Go to a dragon lair with Farkas or Vilkas and kill the dragon.
Quest Giver: Farkas or Vilkas
Location(s): Jorrvaskr
Prerequisite Quest: Glory of the Dead, Dragon Rising
Reward: Leveled gold
ID: CR14
Farkas battles a dragon at Dragontooth Crater.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Farkas or Vilkas about work.
  2. Travel to a dragon lair.
  3. Kill the dragon.
  4. Talk to Farkas or Vilkas.

Detailed Walkthrough

After completing the quests Glory of the Dead and Dragon Rising, talk to Farkas or Vilkas and tell him that you're here for work. He will tell you that he doesn't believe in dragon stories and wants to see a dragon for himself. He mentions that he heard there is a dragon at a dragon lair. The exact location can be any dragon lair and will be randomly selected.

Eastmarch Falkreath Hold Hjaalmarch The Pale The Reach The Rift Winterhold
Bonestrewn Crest Ancient's Ascent Eldersblood Peak
Skyborn Altar
Shearpoint Dragontooth Crater Autumnwatch Tower
Lost Tongue Overlook
Northwind Summit
Mount Anthor

Once you reach the predetermined dragon lair, you will find a leveled dragon. Kill the dragon and then talk to the quest-giver. He will thank you and give you a leveled sum of gold. He will then say he wants to stay for a while and honor it.


  • Farkas' and Vilkas' dialogue for this quest will express uncertainty that the rumors of the existence of dragons are true, even if they have already faced one during an earlier quest.


  • When reaching the lair, there may be no dragon.
    • Pc22.png Setting the quest to stage 20 using the console will fix this.
  • Vilkas stops following you once you walk outside Jorrvaskr. The quest log indicates that the quest is completed, but the arrow on the map remains until you travel there. Once you arrive at the location of the dragon, the arrow disappears from the map, but the dragon is still there. If you don't go to the location, but instead go back inside to talk to Vilkas and activate the quest again, the quest will now show two dragons. The new one will be in the same location as the first one. The quest will claim to be complete again as soon as you step outside and Vilkas stops following again. ?

Quest Stages

Dragon Seekers (CR14)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 <Alias=Questgiver> has heard the rumors of dragons and wants to defeat one for himself. I'm going to accompany him to <Alias=Den> to slay the beast there.
Objective 10: Kill the dragon at <Alias=Den>
20 <Alias=Questgiver> and I killed a dragon at <Alias=Den>.
Objective 20: Talk to <Alias.ShortName=Questgiver>
100 Finishes quest
200 Finishes quest
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 0, 1.
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