Skyrim:Ancient's Ascent

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Dragon Lair:
Ancient's Ascent
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Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Console Location Code(s)
DragonLair02Exterior01, DragonLair02Exterior02
Falkreath Hold
Southwest of Helgen, Southeast of Falkreath
Special Features
Word Wall Animal Allegiance
Ancient's Ascent

Ancient's Ascent is a dragon lair located in the mountains southwest of Helgen. It contains a word wall for the Animal Allegiance shout.

Before the dragons' return, the wall is guarded by a few leveled enemies. There are no other differences to the location.

Related Quests

Ancient's Ascent

Closeup of the word wall

The route to the wall is through Bonechill Passage, a short cave. It can also be accessed by using a horse to climb the mountains around the area. There are three snowberry plants to the right of the path after exiting Bonechill Passage. There are a couple of wide flights of stairs leading up to a plateau in front of the word wall, with lit braziers at the bottom and top of each flight. There is the remains of a huge arch on the approach and the dragon's chest sits by the base between two short flights of stairs leading up to the wall. Once the Dragon Rising quest has been completed a leveled dragon guards the word wall and will attack as soon as you approach from the cave.

The word wall teaches part of the Animal Allegiance dragon shout.