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Skyrim:Fort Neugrad

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Military Fort:
Fort Neugrad
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# of Zones 2
Bandits, Imperial Soldiers or Stormcloak Soldiers
Important Treasure
Jornibret's Last Dance
An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim
Console Location Code(s)
FortNeugrad01, FortNeugrad02
Falkreath Hold
Southeast of Helgen
Fort Neugrad

Fort Neugrad is a military fort southeast of Helgen.

The fort has two interior zones: Fort Neugrad and Fort Neugrad Prison. It is initially occupied by bandits, but if you progress through the Stormcloaks quest line, a garrison of the Imperial Legion will move in.

A garrison may also move in if you clear out the bandits dwelling inside. The garrison depends on who currently controls Falkreath itself.

While the bandits are occupying the fort, a boss-level bandit leader will be awaiting in the southeast room upstairs in the main fort. He will ignore you until you open his door. He holds a Fort Neugrad library key, which opens an otherwise pickable lock in the south side of the dining hall downstairs. Inside is a hostile mage by the name of Brandish.

Changing of the Guard

The Imperial army will take control of the fort if you clear it out, or if you advance the Stormcloaks quest line up to the Liberation of Skyrim quest (Liberate Falkreath step).

The walls and fortifications have been repaired, and a stable and forge area have been built in the courtyard area. Inside areas have also been partially renovated to show the occupation as well, and a new selection of regular chests are scattered about inside and out. Any corpses left will have been removed, along with the boss-treasure chests, although any weapons the bandits dropped on death remain. The garrison will react to you as a trespasser inside the fort/prison, unless you are a member of their faction, but as long as you keep moving, you're free to loot any of the new items without consequence. However, if you are allied with the faction controlling the fort, you can get rest, food and a borrowable horse in this fort.

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Fort Neugrad

  • In the room downstairs you can find a copy of Jornibret's Last Dance
  • Upstairs, in the commander's room to the southeast, you can find a copy of An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim
  • Two chests with adept-level locks
  • A variety of items, styled after the current residents of the fort (bandits or Imperial soldiers)

Fort Neugrad Prison

  • There is a adept-locked chest in the water close to the southeast entrance
  • In the room after descending the stairs but before descending down to the prison cells, there is an apprentice-locked chest behind the shelves to your right as you leave the room.
  • In the prison room:


  • The nearby lake contains a hidden entrance into the prison. Just outside this underwater entrance, there is a half-overturned sunken rowboat with a treasure chest inside.
  • The upstairs exit from the fort to the tower on top contains a locked chest with a treasure map inside; the treasure is located across the lake, behind some rocks (map). Going clockwise around the lake from there also nets you two gold ore veins.


  • The chest referred to in the treasure map is sometimes absent; reading the map should spawn the chest, but does not. This bug is most likely due to the scripting errors in version 1.2 of the official patch.


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