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Skyrim:Military Forts

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SR-mapicon-Fort.png This page lists all the military forts in Skyrim.

SR-mapicon-Fort.png Bloodlet Throne — A single level fort occupied by vampires, vampire thralls, and wolves. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Broken Tower Redoubt — A ruined fort occupied by Forsworn. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Cracked Tusk Keep — A fort located to the west of Falkreath. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Darklight Tower — A tower occupied by hagravens. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Driftshade Refuge — A dilapidated fort located southeast of Dawnstar. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Faldar's Tooth — An old ruined fort located west of Riften and north of Goldenglow Estate. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fellglow Keep — A huge fort east-northeast of Whiterun, and home to a group of renegade mages from the College of Winterhold. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fort Amol — A Stormcloak fort located to the northwest of Darkwater Crossing along the White River. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fort DawnguardDG — A large fort southeast of Riften which serves as the Dawnguard's base of operations. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fort Dunstad — A large fort occupied by bandits, located south of Dawnstar. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fort Fellhammer — A fort and iron mine inhabited by bandits, south of Dawnstar. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fort Greenwall — A fort situated south-southeast of Shor's Stone, northwest of Riften (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fort Greymoor — A medium-sized fort west of the Western Watchtower near Whiterun. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fort Hraggstad — A bandit-controlled fort located north of Dragon Bridge. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fort Kastav — A fort northwest of Windhelm on the main Whiterun-Winterhold road, initially occupied by warlocks and skeletons. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fort Neugrad — A military fort southeast of Helgen. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fort Snowhawk — A military fort located just west of Morthal. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fort Sungard — A large Forsworn occupied fort located strategically at the crossroads between the Reach, Whiterun Hold, and Falkreath Hold. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Gallows Rock — A single level fort occupied by the Silver Hand. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Harmugstahl — A ruined fort located north-northwest of Karthwasten and east of Dragontooth Crater. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png High Hrothgar — A small settlement roughly halfway up the Throat of the World. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Ilinalta's Deep — A medium-sized Imperial fort that mysteriously collapsed. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Mistwatch — A fort located at the northern base of the mountains on the border of the Rift and Eastmarch, just southeast of the Atronach Stone on the edge of the hot springs. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Morvunskar — A fort located to the southwest of, and overlooking, Windhelm. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Nightcaller Temple — A ruin located on the clifftop overlooking Dawnstar. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Northwatch Keep — A medium-sized military fort in northwest Haafingar, to the west of Fort Hraggstad. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Treva's Watch — A fort situated to the southeast of Ivarstead and to the west of Riften. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Western Watchtower — A dilapidated stone fort west of Whiterun. (map)