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Favors are a variety of miscellaneous quest that typically involve doing a small errand for the quest giver. Most favor quests provide a standard reward, directly given to you by the quest giver. However, favor quests also provide some indirect rewards:

  • Your relationship rank with the quest giver increases, which implies:
    • You are freely able to take any low-value items in the quest giver's home.
    • If the quest giver is a candidate for marriage, they will now like you enough to consider marrying you.
    • If the quest giver is a potential follower, they will now like you enough to follow you.
    • The quest giver may allow you to sleep for free in beds they own.
    • You have provided assistance to a citizen of their hold, which helps you become a thane in that hold—even if the favor is completed before you start the hold's thane quest.

Note that favor quests for jarls usually lead to the beginning of the hold's thane quest, rather than counting as assistance to citizens, and also that people who live in Orc strongholds or travel with Khajiit caravans do not count as citizens of holds, and so improving their relationship rank does not help with any thane quests.


Several of the quests below are radiant quests, and some have multiple quest givers. If you have an active objective from a radiant quest, you must complete that quest before you can receive the same quest from a different quest giver; however, you can receive another quest which has the same name but is a different quest, for example if you are on the Delivery (Hillevi) quest you can begin Delivery (Sorex) without any problems.

Some factions have favor quests that you can do for members of that faction. Those quests are not listed here; see the faction pages for details.


In these quests, you have to collect one or more non-unique items and bring them back to the quest giver.


In these quests, you have to deliver an item from the quest giver to another NPC (or to a particular location). Usually they cause you to befriend the quest giver, but not the person who wanted the delivery.


In these quests, you have to kill a person or creature on behalf of the quest giver. Often you will find yourself fighting others as well on the way to the target, who is usually the boss of a dungeon.

  While the quest appears to tell you to kill all the enemies in the mine, you only have to kill the boss of the mine to complete the quest.


In these quests, you have to persuade another NPC of something on behalf of the quest giver.


In these quests, you have to find something unique (usually just one item) and return it to someone, usually the quest giver. The difference between Collection and Retrieval quests is that in collection quests, you can find the thing you need in several different locations, whereas in these quests you have to go to a particular spot.