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(Redirecionado de Skyrim:Creatures)

This page provides a list of all creature types in the game of Skyrim.

Animals – Animals comprise various mundane creatures that have no magical or weapon-wielding abilities.
Ash HopperDBBearBristlebackDBChickenCowDeerDogFoxGoatHorkerHorseMammothMudcrabRabbitSabre CatSkeeverSlaughterfishWolf
Daedra – Daedra are creatures from the planes of Oblivion. Note that Dremora are NPCs, not creatures, and therefore are not listed here.
Ash GuardianDBFlame AtronachFrost AtronachLurkerDBSeekerDBStorm Atronach
Dwarven Automatons – Dwarven Automatons are ancient, robot-like machines encountered in Dwarven Ruins.
Dwarven BallistaDBDwarven CenturionDwarven SphereDwarven Spider
Monsters – Monsters are creatures with various magical abilities, ranging from magical attacks to various magical resistances.
ChaurusDragonFalmerFire WyrmDBFrostbite SpiderGargoyleDGGiantHagravenIce WraithMagic AnomalyNetchDBRieklingDBSpidersDBSprigganTrollWerewolfWisp
Passive Creatures – Passive creatures are completely unable to attack or harm you.
Aquatic CreaturesFoodInsectsOther Creatures
Undead – Undead creatures consist of spirits, reanimated skeletons, and reanimated corpses. Vampires are also considered undead, but are undead NPCs instead of creatures.
Ash SpawnDBDragon PriestDraugrGhostSkeletonZombie

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