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Dragonborn:Ash Hopper

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Ash Hopper
Species Scrib Soul Lesser
Level 4 Type Animals
Ash Hopper Jelly, Ash Hopper Leg, Ash Hopper Meat, Chitin Plate
Other Information
Health 155 Magicka 0
Stamina 135
Faction(s) Creature Faction; Predator Faction

Ash Hoppers are creatures found in southern Solstheim, similar to the scrib of Vvardenfell. They appear as moderate sized insects, often seen sifting through the Ashlands in groups of two or three. They will hide themselves in the sand before you enter their ambush ring. When attacking, hoppers will often attempt to circle around behind their prey like wolves. They may carry droops, a disease which reduces your one-handed and two-handed weapon damage by 15%.



  • Ash Hoppers that can ambush you from underground do not play an ambush sound upon digging out.
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