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Lurkers are Daedric creatures that come from the murky waters of Hermaeus Mora's realm of Apocrypha. They appear as giant amphibious humanoids, and serve their Prince by guarding forbidden knowledge. Lurkers attack with swipes of their huge hands, and use their long legs for stomping attacks, which have a 100 point stagger effect within 16 feet. They can also attack from afar by spewing tentacles from their mouths. Miraak gained the support of a couple of Lurkers while in Apocrypha. They are very dangerous opponents, and should be fought one at a time. They also have the ability to regenerate health.

Creature (ID) Lvl Health Magicka Sta. Attacks Abilities Perks Factions Soul
24 818 15 277
  • Acid Spit, 10 pts for 5 secs
  • Lurker Spray, 8 pts for 1 sec
None Creature Faction;
allied apocrypha creatures;
Benthic Lurker Faction;
Lurker Guardian
34 1135 410
  • Acid Spit, 13 pts for 5 secs
  • Lurker Spray, 8 pts for 1 sec
Extra Damage 1.5 Greater
Lurker Sentinel
44 1451 444
  • Acid Spit, 16 pts for 5 secs
  • Lurker Spray, 8 pts for 1 sec
Extra Damage 2 Grand
Lurker Vindicator
54 1768 477
  • Acid Spit, 20 pts for 5 secs
  • Lurker Spray, 8 pts for 1 sec
Extra Damage 2.5 Grand

Lurker Loot

  • 250-600 leveled gold
  • (10x) 90% chance additional 1-9 gold (average sum of 45)
  • 1 enchanted necklace, ring, or circlet
  • 50% chance of either slaughterfish egg, slaughterfish scales, horker tusk, or netch leather
  • 25% chance for an unenchanted ring
  • 25% chance for an unenchanted circlet
  • 25% chance for an unenchanted necklace
  • 20% chance for a random soul gem (3x more likely for it to be empty than full)


  • If you use the Ice Form shout on one and follow up by hitting it as it stands, it may hover motionless slightly above the ground and remain that way until killed.
  • The Soul Tear shout will successfully revive Lurkers as allies, unlike Seekers.
  • The Unrelenting Force shout will not knock down a Lurker, even with all three words.
  • Lurkers are susceptible to Paralysis so poisons of Paralysis can be very useful in taking them down.
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