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Home Town Passwall
House Shelden's House
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level PC+1 Class Warrior
RefID BaseID
Other Information
Health 55 + (6+3)x(PC+0), PC=4-14
Magicka 75 + 1.5x(PC+0) (max=250)
Respons. 95 Aggress. 0
Essential Until Retaking The Fringe (Conditional Scripted Death)
Follower During Retaking The Fringe
Faction(s) SEPasswallFaction; Mania Faction; SEWildernessFaction
Shelden close to the Gates of Madness
Shelden and Felas

Shelden is a Redguard warrior living in Passwall. He claims to have been the first one there and has therefore appointed himself "Mayor of Passwall", although he is the only one who thinks so. Ironically, he is also the first one to flee Passwall when it is invaded by the Knights of Order. After the Main Quest is completed, he is left as the only resident in Passwall, as all other citizens will have either moved on or died.

Although he sees himself as the most important citizen of Passwall, his daily routine isn't much different from that of his fellow citizens. After a good eight hours of sleep, he will spend the first two hours of the day wandering around his home. At 10am he exits his house and will be found strolling around the center of the village until 6pm, taking a break at midday for a two-hour lunch at the Wastrel's Purse. At 6pm he will treat himself to another meal at the inn, heading back home at 8pm. He will then spend the next four hours sleepily pacing in his house until his bedtime at midnight.

He wears elegant red finery and also carries a torch and a leveled amount of gold. He doesn't wield any weapons or use any spells, relying solely on his fists if things get messy.

At the early stages of Through the Fringe of Madness, when you enter Passwall for the very first time, you will find Shelden and Felas Sarandas standing on the road just outside the Wastrel's Purse, enthusiastically talking about the newly arrived Adventurers:

Shelden: "I tried to warn them."
Felas: "Maybe they're just confused."
Shelden:"They should have listened to me!"
Felas: "We'll be swimming in blood soon. Yuck."
Shelden: "Let's go watch!"
Felas: "Just as long as we don't catch any of their diseases. Adventurers always get strange diseases."
Shelden: "Come on, it'll be fun watching them get knocked around up there. I'll lead, you'll follow."
Felas: "Just don't get any blood on me!"

After the conversation, Shelden will set off at running pace towards the slaughter at the Gates of Madness. However, if you manage to approach him before he disappears, he will politely introduce himself: "Hello, I'm Shelden. I've been here the longest. That's why I'm mayor of Passwall. That, and because I'm the best at being in charge." You can then ask him about the Gatekeeper: "He guards the Gates of Madness. See for yourself. He's about to destroy a party of adventurers." On the Gates of Madness, he will reveal: "They say the keys are sewn up in the Gatekeeper's body. Basically, that means you're not getting in." He will also claim that he was the first person to arrive in Passwall: "The place was pretty deserted when I got here. Of course, once I was here, others followed. Can't say I blame them."

He will then run towards the Gates of Madness; a quick visit to Dredhwen, the sleepy proprietor of the Wastrel’s Purse, will reveal that Shelden’s status of Mayor is a matter of opinion: "I took over the inn when I got here. There wasn't anyone living here. Except for Shelden. He says he's Mayor. Don't believe it." If you follow Shelden to the Gates, you will witness him applaud the slaughter of the adventurers. If you approach him, he will either greet you with an insult: "I'll try to speak in fewer syllables." or reveal what he thinks of himself: "Yes? You need my help, don't you?" and "Welcome to my town!" When you exit conversation he may even insult you further: "Don't feel bad that you're not as gifted as me.", "I amaze me." and "I hope I didn't use too many big words." He will then turn away from you and cheer while the Gatekeeper slays the unfortunate adventurers, randomly remarking to Felan: "They should have listened to me." and "Dead. I warned them, didn't I?" After the last surviving member of the adventurers have fled the scene, Shelden will provide new info on the Gatekeeper and mention local hunter Jayred Ice-Veins, thus actually making himself useful: "He guards the Gates of Madness. Don't get too close to him. He'll kill you, and it will leave a mess in my town. Jayred Ice-Veins wants to kill the Gatekeeper. Sounds like suicide to me." He will then return to his usual routines in Passwall. From this point forward, whenever you get near him, he will manage to come up with more selfish lines: "If you need something, better talk to me.", "Don't be shy." and "I don't mind talking down to your level." Not surprisingly, the self-centered Redguard quickly forgets his own advice; after the Gatekeeper is dead, Shelden will be quite satisfied with himself: "I'm glad you took my advice and killed him. I always knew it could be done. What would people do without me?" After you have unlocked the Gates of Madness, he will reveal that he has no intention of leaving anytime Passwall soon: "I think I'll stay here for awhile. Someone has to run this town. I'm certainly the best qualified."

During the second related quest the egomaniac mayor manages to escape the hordes of knights of Order swarming the Fringe and goes into hiding in Xeddefen. After you discover the Obelisk in the Great Chamber, a secret wall will lower and Shelden will come sneaking out, carrying his torch. When he reaches you he will engage in conversation: "It's... it's you! I remember you. What are you doing down here? How did you get past the Knights? When they attacked, I ran from Passwall. They didn't say a word, they just started killing! The screams! By the staff, you can't imagine the screams! Felas and I slipped down here thinking that we'd be safe. But, no! We landed right in the middle of them! Felas ran off with them and left me to die! Me! That ingrate! Disloyal cur! Imagine, leaving me here all alone!" Asking about Felas will net you some intriguing information: "I didn't say they took him -- he went with them! I've heard his voice a few times around here. I think... I think he joined them!" If you inquire as to why he hasn't tried to escape by himself he will tell you: "Every time I look for a way out, I get twisted around and end up back here. But I'm too smart for them. You seem to have no trouble, though. Look at you, barely a scratch! You'd be the perfect person to protect me!" If you insinuate he's a coward he will continue unabated: "Oh, sorry. I wasn't aware that being a courageous hero was a requirement around here. Look, you may be a scamp's ass, but I'm offering you the chance to be the hero of Passwall. Escort me out of here, protect me, get me home, and those people will praise you more than you can imagine." If you inform him about the dangers lurking in the ruin he will concur: "This place is a nightmare! Knights everywhere, these priests, and whatever they've done to Felas! Listen. Those people in Passwall need me. Can you imagine how they'd ever get along if I died down here?"

You will then have two options; either tell Shelden to stay put or to follow you. The former option will cause him to say: "What? Here? Are you kidding? I'm not staying here! If you don't want to help me, fine. I'll get out of here on my own." He will then loose his essential status and run off in an attempt to escape on his own, which is guaranteed to cause his untimely death. If you decide to help him, he will reply: "I'll do what I can to help. I... I like to hurt things. Maybe I can hurt these damned knights." He will then pick up the nearest weapon and act as a follower, until you are separated later on; when approached while he is following you, he will ask: "Can we get out of here?" If you ask him to wait, he will say: "Stay here? What's wrong with you? I'll be killed! Take me with you! Please?" but will wait as ordered. If you ask him to wait once again, he will get annoyed: "What do you think I'm standing around here for? It isn't because I like being in this place!" If you tell him to follow you he will say: "Let's just hurry this up... please?" and follow you around. If you mistakenly ask him to follow you again, he will reply: "What do you think I'm doing? I'm not sticking this close to you because I enjoy your pleasing aroma." If you say ‘never mind’ the egomaniacal mayor will reply: "Right then. You lead the way -- just try not to get us killed. Well, try not to get ME killed."

If you ask him to follow you, he will help fight the hostile Knights and Priests until you shut down the Obelisk of Order. The entire ruin will start to collapse, but Shelden will remain by your side. In the eastern part of Xeddefen, Felles an iron gate will suddenly separate you from Shelden, causing him to shout: "I don't think this thing is going to open again. You are the worst escort in history. I'll find another way out." Get going! In the next area, Xeddefen, Fales you will hear Shelden shout from far away: "Hey, is that you? I hear something over there...." If you ignore him, he will angrily say: "Hey, don't you walk away from me!" You will find a happy Shelden behind another iron gate, saying: "Well look at this, I found the easy road. How are things going over there?" You will have no choice but to leave Shelden and dodge the debris falling from the ceiling. When you finally escape the ruin, Shelden will be waiting on the other side and will start to make his way back to Passwall. When approached he will say: "I'm going to stay here and help rebuild this place. These fools need me." He will then help the Golden Saints/Dark Seducers battle the remaining Knights of Order in Passwall. He will then wander around in what remains of Passwall 24 hours a day, without ever eating nor sleeping. If you pay him a visit after initiating Rebuilding the Gatekeeper, he will change his greeting to "Everything is gone. What a shame." and, on subsequent meetings, say: "Things are coming along nicely here. Soon enough, they'll have no choice but to do everything I say."

After the Main Quest is completed, Passwall will restored to its former glory. At this point, the town will be completely deserted but Shelden will quickly pick up on his old routines, along with his egomanic self; if you get near him as Sheogorath he will say: "The Madgod Himself! Come to get some advice from me!" When you approach him, he will tell you: "My Lord. I didn't realize how powerful your presence would be. I will try to embody that majesty in my daily life. People respect me, you know." When you exit conversation, Shelden will just say: "Well, that was humbling."

Stage-Dependent Dialogue

  • The Gatekeeper was killed. Nobody asked me if I thought that was a good idea. Well, I do.
  • Adventurers are being sucked up by that Xedilian place again.
  • Thadon has his Chalice back. Doesn't he know a good leader doesn't need any of that? Just his native intelligence. I would know.
  • Syl's really suspicious of other people. I bet she's the one with something to hide.
  • Some fool lit himself on fire in the city.
  • I bet I'd make a better Duke than the new one.
  • Those Knights of Order are always causing trouble. Don't worry, though. I'll figure out what to do.
  • The [sic] rebuilt the Gatekeeper. I thought they should have done that a long time ago.
  • The armies are back together now, I hear. I'd never have let them get lost in the first place.
  • Sheogorath leaves in the middle of the Greymarch. Perhaps I should take over ruling the Realm.
  • Jyggalag's defeated. Took them long enough to get rid of him.

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