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Shivering:Orc Adventurer Captain

Orc Adventurer Captain
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Location Gates of Madness, The Fringe
Race Orc Gender Male
Level PC (max:15) Class Warrior
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Other Information
Health 45 + 9×Lvl (Lvl=5-15)
Magicka 73.5 + 1.5×Lvl (Lvl=5-15)
Respons. 50 Aggress. 0
Essential Until stage 10 of Through the Fringe of Madness
Faction(s) Faction friendly to the Gatekeeper
The Captain, before battle

The Orc Adventurer Captain is the leader of a group of Adventurers who are determined to fight their way past the Gatekeeper and into the Shivering Isles.

He wears a full suit of heavy armor, which is the best possible at your level up to Ebony. He is equipped with a leveled blade weapon; usually a claymore or longsword.

He is found at the Gates of Madness, leading from the sidelines as his fellows throw themselves fruitlessly against their fearsome opponent. After the battle, he flees back to the Door to Cyrodiil and disappears from the game.

He starts the fight full of confidence, demanding of the Gatekeeper "Okay. Hand over those keys or die!" and then claiming "This should be easy." During the fight, he warns you to not get involved: "You there! Stay away from the Gatekeeper. Let us handle this!" and will yell encouragements to his men: "Come on. Fight harder!", "Why isn't he dying? Keep fighting men!" and "Fight like you mean it!" However, once his fellow adventurers are all dead he will immediately lose his confidence and shout "Retreat!" Should you attempt to speak to him he will say: "He's too much! Killed all my men! Get out of my way"

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