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Ebonheart Pact
Level 3–15
SilverSilver Veteran Rank1
GoldGold Veteran Rank6
Skyshards 16
Ebonheart Pact
Central Morrowind
The ashfall from the volcanoes of the Velothi Mountains and from great Ash Mountain itself is Stonefalls' bane and benefit, fertilizing the soil where the land isn't too arid to grow crops. It was here that the recent invading army from Akavir met its bloody end.

Stonefalls is a zone in central Morrowind. This diverse region features landscapes ranging from fungal forests to barren volcanic crags.

Stonefalls is home to the cities of Davon's Watch, Ebonheart and Kragenmoor.


Stonefalls' geography varies from place to place, but it is mostly a hodgepodge of terrain from the surrounding regions. Daen Seeth, a subregion in the east, is home to the great volcano Ash Mountain which is constantly erupting, and thus the surrounding land is burned and charred, but in the city of Davon's Watch, not far off from Ash Mountain, the land is green and hilly with fungal features, like the neighboring region Bal Foyen.

Zabamat and Varanis, subregions in the west and in central Stonefalls respectively, are mostly hilly, barren volcanic landscapes. Another great volcano, the Tormented Spire, looms over the city of Kragenmoor in the southwest, but unlike Ash Mountain, it is not constantly churning out molten rock and lava. In northern Zabamat lies the Ebonheart Pact-owned Fort Virak, which protects the border with Skyrim from the wild creatures of Stonefalls such as the ferocious Alits and Kagouti. Also in Zabamat is the Fungal Grotto, the base of the Murkwater Goblins and a hidden shrine to Mephala.

In Varanis, the central subregion of Stonefalls, lies the city of Ebonheart, which is home to a large population of Argonians, who are highly distrustful of the Dunmer living in the city.




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Daen Seeth

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Clue Location
Watching lions swim to shore. Western Davon's Watch, beside the cliffs. (map)
Near Bal Foyen's gate. On the left as you leave Bal Foyen via the gate, right next to building. (map)
Staging an attack on Arand. NNW of Fort Arand, on the cliff above a small encampment of enemies. (map)
A lady on a cliff, beyond Sulfur Pools. West of Dagger's Point Invasion Camp, at the foot of a statue overlooking the sea. Northwest of Wayshrine (map)
Among mushrooms, high above Lukiul Uxith. Southeast of Lukiul Uxith, on the hillside. (map)
Among pools of fire, above Vivec's Wayshrine. South of Vivec's Antlers Wayshrine, on a tiny island in the lava flows. (map)
South on the Ashen Road, where lava flows. SSE of Magmaflow Overlook, surrounded by lava. (map)
Tucked away, on a grotto's mantel. Above and behind the entrance to Fungal Grotto. (map)
On a hillside behind a plantation. Southwest of Sathram Plantation's map marker, behind the Quarters buildings. (map)
Left to rust beside ancient arms. In Inner Sea Armature. Large room right of entrance (map)
Used to strike flames underground. In Emberflint Mine, in the room full of mushrooms on the right side of the mine, there is a passageway that takes you to the top of the room, skyshard is there. passage on left (map)
Listening to the Spinner's whispers. In Mephala's Nest. Room right of entrance. (map)
Found in soft dirt by daggers. In Softloam Cavern. Bottom lava room (map)
Where a fiery tide rises. In Hightide Hollow. Room with lava, shalks, & spiders on the right. (map)
Discovering a taste for madness. In Sheogorath's Tongue. Room right of entrance. (map)
Drowned in the south by a clever bird. In Crow's Wood. Southwest of the portal after porting. Behind rocks on edge of map (map)


A map of Stonefalls