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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Sub-regions Zabamat
Daen Seeth
Appears in ESO
Stonefalls circa 2E 582
Map of Stonefalls

Stonefalls is a region in central Morrowind, on the southern shores of the Inner Sea. It borders Bal Foyen to the east, Deshaan to the south, Cyrodiil to the west, and the Rift in Skyrim to the northwest. It consists of three smaller regions: Daen Seeth in the east, Zabamat in the northwest and Varanis in the southwest.[1]

The region is a hodge-podge of terrain from the surrounding regions, meaning it fluctuates from fungal forests to volcanic crags, along with its more sedate coastline, which is across the Inner Sea from the city of Vivec. In the west, the Valus and Velothi Mountains separate the region from Skyrim and Cyrodiil. An important pass in the northern part of these mountains, guarded by Virak Keep, leads to the Rift and emerges near Riften.[2] The geography of Stonefalls is dominated by two massive volcanoes, Ash Mountain and the Tormented Spire. These make living in the area dangerous, but also fertilize the soil, which is the reason why numerous plantations can be found in the western part of the region. The most important cities are Davon's Watch, Ebonheart and Kragenmoor. The region also contains the necropolis of Othrenis, the Dwemer ruin called Inner Sea Armature, and the bizarre land-coral maze known as Vivec's Antlers, which was the site of the defeat of Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal's Akaviri invasion in 2E 572.[2] Like the other parts of Morrowind, Stonefalls is also dotted with many Daedric ruins. In the past, the region saw numerous wars between the Chimer and the Nedes or the Dwemer. The native wildlife of Stonefalls includes alit, nix hounds, netch, guar, and occasional cliff racers.[1]

The region was briefly invaded by the Daggerfall Covenant during the Alliance War of 2E 582.[1] During the Imperial Simulacrum, Stonefalls was also the name of a town which existed within the region.[3]


  • Bal Foyen is sometimes considered to be part of Stonefalls.

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