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Oblivion: Places

These are all of the stables in Cyrodiil. Your horse will automatically end up here when you fast travel to a city. Most of the stables also have horses for sale.

OB-mapicon-Inn.png Bay Roan Stables — A stable north of the city of Bravil. (map)
OB-mapicon-Inn.png Black Waterside Stables — A stable west of the city of Cheydinhal. (map)
OB-mapicon-Inn.png Chestnut Handy Stables — A stable west of the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City. (map)
OB-mapicon-Inn.png Five Riders Stables — A stable just to the northwest of Leyawiin. (map)
OB-mapicon-Inn.png Grateful Pass Stables — A stable just west of Skingrad. (map)
OB-mapicon-Inn.png Horse Whisperer Stables — A stable just to the north of Anvil. (map)
OB-mapicon-Inn.png North Country Stables — A stable located just to the south of Chorrol. (map)
OB-mapicon-Inn.png Wildeye Stables — A stable just east of the city of Bruma. (map)