Oblivion:Daedroth Teeth

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Daedroth Teeth
Daedroth Teeth
Value 65 Weight 0.5
Alchemy Effects
1st Night-Eye Night-Eye
2nd Frost Shield Frost Shield
3rd Burden Burden
4th Light Light
# Samples 5
Creature Daedroths
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The ingredient Daedroth Teeth is collected from dead Daedroths.



5 guaranteed samples can be found in the following locations (magenta crosses on map):

It can also be found randomly in the inventories of alchemy vendors (starting at level 17) and in some Conjurer and Oblivion loot chests (starting at level 12).

The Vile Lair official plug-in adds one additional guaranteed sample:

  • 1 sample is in Deepscorn Hollow, located on a bookshelf in the private quarters.


Standard Daedroths are the only source of Daedroth Teeth (even the test varieties of Daedroths found in the construction set but not in game do not provide Daedroth Teeth). Daedroths are generally encountered in Planes of Oblivion, where they appear starting at level 16. Boss-level Daedroths can be found starting at level 14.

There are a few specific locations where Daedroths can be found before level 14:

  • In the Count's Chamber in Castle Kvatch (during the quest The Battle for Castle Kvatch), there is one daedra who has a 50% chance of being a Daedroth at levels 10 and higher.
  • Elsewhere inside Castle Kvatch, there are 10 daedra who each have a 50% chance of being a Daedroth at levels 12 and higher.
  • The caves in Mankar Camoran's Paradise (during the quest Paradise) contain 12 daedra who each have a 22-25% chance of being a Daedroth at levels 11 and higher.
  • The Eternal Gardens in Paradise contain 8-14 daedra who each have a 20-25% chance of being a Daedroth at levels 12 and higher.
  • The daedra spawned during the Defense of Bruma quest each have a 20-33% chance of being a Daedroth at levels 13 and higher.

Within Tamriel, Daedroths are found in Conjurer Dungeons (circles), where they may spawn starting at level 16, and outside Oblivion Gates (squares on map), starting at level 18. The best places to look for Daedroths in Tamriel are:

  • Fort Teleman (purple circle) is guaranteed to have a single Daedroth (the boss-level Daedra) at level 14. Up to 8 Daedroth are also possible at levels 16 or higher.
  • Arkved's Tower, Fathis Aren's Tower, Fort Rayles and Sardavar Leed (blue circles/square) are each guaranteed to have a single Daedroth at level 16. They may also have additional Daedroths at levels 16 or higher.
Locations of Daedroths and Daedroth Teeth