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As always, there are a large number of requests for hints on lots of topics. This page will contain those various hints, compiled in some organized fashion. For other useful pages see:

  • Cheats - Various cheats to modify and manipulate your game.
  • Glitches - A list of known glitches that appear in Morrowind.
  • Houses - Places to call home in Vvardenfell.
  • Making Money - Tips on how to earn a few extra coins on your travels.
  • Quest Timing - Suggestions on what quests to do early, and which to save for later.
  • Starting Out - A list of hints to help you start your adventures in Vvardenfell on a good note.

Melee Combat Hints

  • If you're facing a group or a powerful enemy beyond your level, a few swigs of Sujamma will raise your strength, the to-hit ratio and the damage you deal. Other drinks are helpful as well, but nothing offers the bang-for-the-buck of Sujamma.
  • Try to isolate enemies when dealing with groups, use the terrain to your advantage, and any superior reach or speed your weapon might have.
  • If you're facing a group of melee enemies (enemies that don't use ranged attacks), cast custom spell Levitate 1 pt for 60 secs in 50 ft on target—they will move very slowly and you'll be able to finish them with your spells or ranged weapon.

For a detailed description of mechanics and tactics, see Combat.

Useful Items In the Beginning

Here are a few items that might prove useful in the early game:

Fists of Randagulf can be obtained during a main quest, but you can always get inside, steal the artifact, and get out.


Hints that don't fit into a particular section.

Boots of Blinding Speed

If you drink a potion of magic resistance or use other means to get Resist Magicka and then immediately put on the Boots of Blinding Speed, you will not be blinded but will retain the speed effect until you take the boots off. A spell or enchanted item with 100% Resist Magicka for 2 sec on Self works well. For a higher degree of usefulness, use the boots alongside the Cuirass of the Savior's Hide. Also, Bretons have a Resist Magicka 50% bonus, so they dont get completely blinded.

Daedric Dai-Katana and Azura's Star In the Beginning

Right after getting yourself a decent weapon, head to Caldera and then leave the town from the north to get Boots of Blinding Speed (optional, but will help you getting the next required item). Next, go to Gnisis and head North, to get the Amulet of Shadows. Next, head to Dren Plantation and go to the place where Llaro Llethri is located. Use the amulet; this will make you invisible to Llaro Llethri and therefore he won't be able to attack you. Kill him to get Daedric Dai-Katana. Looting the sacks and opening the chests using the key on him will get you some nice loot.

The tough part is getting the amulet. Focus your attacks on Tavynu Tedran, make use of your potions, spells and skills and you'll eventually kill her. Also, using Ring of Aversion to perform a sneak attack is advised.

After getting the Daedric Dai-Katana, head to Azura's Shrine to start the Azura's Star quest. Head to the island and climb the hill east of the priestess' shack, without getting close to any of the Daedra. Use the amulet and approach Staada, preferably starting the battle with a sneak attack. It won't see you because of your 80% Chameleon, so it will be an easy kill. Grab the ring from its corpse and go back to Azura. If you are playing Morrowind version 1.0, you can return to the island to cast Soultrap on Staada. However, the soul value is the same as a regular Golden Saint, although the soul will be displayed as "Staada" on the soul gem.

Finding Odd, Unique Items

If you come across an item that has a name you've never seen before, there is a chance the item may be used in a later quest. Some quests in the game require you to acquire a particular item. If you have already acquired that item, usually by visiting the dungeon where it is located before you did its related quest, then there is a pretty good chance you have also sold it or otherwise gotten rid of it. It is wise to store such possible quest items somewhere for later instead.

Such quest items usually have special names and little value. You can then check the article on the item you've just obtained to see whether it is related to a quest, or you can search the Quest Items page to see if the item is listed there.

Managing Loot

Moving Lots of Loot

Even if you can't move due to being overencumbered, you can still use teleportation spells like Almsivi Intervention, Divine Intervention, and Mark/Recall. This can be used to transfer large amounts of loot to a nearby town in one quick trip. It is especially useful to use Mark near a permanent corpse, such as Ralen Hlaalo, as this will allow you to drop as much as you need to in one place and be sure that it won't disappear.

Super Capacity Container

One of the biggest problems for the advanced player is the limits on container space. Each container can only hold around 100 pounds, so you will need quite a few to store all of your items. The strongholds help, but they're not close to Mages Guild rapid transit (unless you install the Master Index official plug-in) or Silt Strider stations. This can be circumvented by not using containers, but by using bodies that do not disappear. There are two of them in Balmora: Ralen Hlaalo in Hlaalo Manor and Balyn Omavel after Mephala's quest.

For a complete list, see Permanent Corpses.


Identifying Diseased Creatures

Contracting a disease can often be very irritating, especially in the early game or if you are far from a settlement and lack the means to cure it. However, in a small number of cases (usually mudcrabs), it is easy to tell whether a creature you have encountered is diseased. Since diseases affect creatures in the same ways they affect you, some diseases will lower a creature's Strength attribute to the point at which they are over-encumbered and cannot move. This is easy to differentiate from a creature which has become stuck on a piece of terrain. A stuck creature will appear to run on the spot, whereas a diseased creature will turn to face you but remain standing where it is. If you are in a situation in which you cannot risk catching a disease, make sure to stay away from any creatures which are rooted to the spot.

Restore Strength Effects

The Greater Bonewalker, a creature you will frequently encounter in ancestral tombs and as a summon of hostile sorcerers, has a nasty spell which damages your Strength. This spell will often leave you over-encumbered, especially if your encumbrance was near your limit before you started fighting. Unlike drain effects or Burden, damage effects do not wear off after a certain amount of time, so you will be stuck with a reduced strength, and hence a reduced carrying capacity, until you find some means to restore it. Restore Strength potions can be bought from many alchemists, although you may prefer a spell or enchantment so you don't have to worry about carrying potions around. Whichever option you prefer, make sure you have some means of restoring your strength when you go out adventuring, or you may find yourself unable to bring any loot back, or even being forced to drop some of your items on the ground in order to move again after fighting a bonewalker.

Super Strength

After contracting corprus, find a bed or place to rest. Set the time for 24 hours, and you will get a message saying "Your case of corprus has worsened". Repeat this several times to raise your strength and endurance as much as you desire. The increase is permanent, although since it does not affect your base attribute values, any damage strength or damage endurance effects cannot be rectified by restore spells. Be careful: high Strength causes more rapid weapon degradation. At seriously boosted Strength, you can break your own weapon in a couple of hits.

Taking Screenshots

In order to enable the taking of screenshots within the game, you will have to open up the Morrowind.ini file with any text editor and change the line Screen Shot Enable=0 to Screen Shot Enable=1.

Then, once in the game, simply press the Print Screen key to save a BMP file in the Morrowind directory. Screenshots are not overwritten between game sessions.

Talking to Belligerent NPCs

There are some NPCs who will refuse to talk to you. They will immediately end the conversation with their greeting, making it impossible to talk to them. This is a problem if you need to taunt them into attacking you so that you can kill them without incurring a bounty, or if they have special dialogues or training (such as Ash Zombies or Qorwynn). Remove all your armor and clothing or turn invisible, then initiate conversation. Note that this will not work on Argonians or Khajiits, and some other NPCs, notably in the expansions.

Tips for the Atronach player

There are several ways to easily refill magicka besides alchemy. These include:

  • Shrines offering Almsivi Restoration, or Imperial Cult altars offering Restore Attributes. These can refill your Magicka completely with 1-2 blessings, and a cheap Divine Intervention can take you there.
  • Summon Ancestral Ghost for twenty seconds, custom made. If you hit your summon a few times bare-handed, he will start to attack you with spells that refill your Magicka. This should only cost six points to cast.
  • In the same vein: pick a fight with a Scrib. It's unlikely to do you much harm, and every time it tries and fails to paralyze you, your magicka is restored. Note that this alternative is comparatively slow, as the Scrib's paralyze will only restore about 8 magicka, while a twenty second Ancestral Ghost might restore between 40 to over 100. However, if the ghost only casts one spell before disappearing and you fail to absorb it, or you fail to summon the ghost due to low Conjuration skill, and you run out of magicka before getting your refill, this will at least allow you the opportunity for another attempt.
  • Acquiring Greed and the Necromancer's Amulet will give an Atronach player two more chances of spell absorption at 20% and 25%. Keep in mind that Spell Absorption effects are checked separately and do not simply add together as one check, so in this case you get less than a 95% total chance; it actually results in 'only' 70% total chance.

There are two more easier methods, although some may consider them exploiting[verification needed — These may be fixed in MCP 2.0]:

  • Simply obtain sujamma or other boosting drinks (e.g. mazte, shein) that have the negative side effect of decreasing your character’s intelligence. The items can easily be bought at taverns and clubs at cheap prices. Sujamma is the best for this purpose because it decreases intelligence by 50 points. Drink the items (2 sujamma will be enough if intelligence level is at 100) until your character's intelligence is reduced to 0. Wait for the effects of the sujamma to wear off and your magicka will be refilled 100%. Easy and cheap.
  • Similar to using the drinks, you can also create a spell that drains 100 intelligence (do not confuse with damage intelligence) on self for 1 second.

Note that if you are under a Fortify Intelligence effect, these may result in your intelligence falling to zero when the fortify effect wears off.

Use Command Spells

Want a merchant, enchanter or spellmaker next to your house? Use Command Humanoid as described at Command to bring them anywhere you’d like. Command Creature offers a similar functionality, and is automatically available for Bosmer players. This is particularly useful for moving Creeper or the mudcrab merchant. Command spells can also be used to isolate enemies.

Simple Training Tricks

Easy ways to level up, if you're too poor for Trainers or want to earn your stripes.

Acrobatics Training

Very simple. Simply jump everywhere you go and your Acrobatics skill will increase quickly. Jumping while moving up staircases or hillsides will allow for more frequent jumps than along flat terrain. PC players can bind the mouse wheel or other convenient key to jump. However, jumping downhill gives greater bonuses per jump; the skill bonus increases along with the distance fallen. A minimal duration and minimum magnitude levitate spell or similarly minimal Jump spell can, before it wears off, allow a player to achieve just enough height (10-30 feet off the ground, as is safe) to only take a small amount of damage but raise the Acrobatics skill very rapidly. Obviously Alteration is raised, more slowly, at the same time.

Characters with both Acrobatics and Athletics at 100 move faster by jumping than by running.

It is recommended to avoid jumping while running. Jumping prevents you from receiving experience towards Athletics up until several feet of running after you have landed.

A good place to train Acrobatics is Vivec. The ramps(stairs) between the floors of the cantons are long enough to do at least 20 jumps when climbing up, and lets you fly a long distance when you jump off it. Simply jump all the way up a ramp, then jump down. A constant effect Restore Health item will make your work much easier. At higher skill levels of Acrobatics, the ceiling in the Vivec ramp tunnels constricts your jumps down the ramp, slowing the leveling process. Alternative options include the Silt Strider ramp in Ald'ruhn, which is practically the same as Vivec but without the ceiling drawback, as well as the double stairwell in the back of Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora. The latter is located one floor below the Fighter's Guild and provides a convenient falling height for Acrobatics above about 55 skill, the vertical drop being fine tuned by either running or jumping off the edge.

Armor Training

Equip the armor type of your choice and find one or more low-damage creatures. Mudcrabs are ideal for this purpose due to their low melee damage (diseased mudcrabs and those found on the Bitter Coast have higher damage than others, which have one point melee damage). Allow the creature(s) to attack you but do not retaliate; tweak the difficulty slider, if necessary. If you wear a shield, a successful block will raise both the block skill and the skill governing the shield's armor type. Otherwise, if you wish to avoid raising the block skill, omit the shield (you can also look away from your attacker, as the game takes player orientation into account, but you might block the attacks anyway, and it wouldn't work if two enemies were attacking you from different directions). Bear in mind that if you don't wear a shield the game will count the empty shield slot as an unarmored slot, so while your block skill won't be raised, your unarmored skill will. If you want to raise neither block nor unarmored equip a shield, then equip a two-handed weapon. Do not forget to restore your health as necessary. You can also jump/run in place to increase acrobatics/athletics, this will also drain stamina making you easier to hit and thus level armor faster.

A good place to train your Armor skills is Drarayne Thelas' storage in Balmora. If you dont kill the cave rats for the Fighters Guild, they will gladly serve you as your free personal master trainers.

If the cave rats are dead or too tough, another option is Foryn Gilnith, if you have not killed him for the Death of a Taxman quest. Being unarmed, he has fairly low damage but a decent attack speed. Even better, there's a door you can use to escape to heal or tune up your armor, and if you leave through it he does not follow you outside, and you can use the door even when knocked down due to fatigue loss. You only gain armor skill when you could possibly take damage, thus only when your fatigue is depleted and you are on the ground. Auto-run can be used to avoid recovering fatigue and thus getting back up and slowing skill gains.

Athletics Training

Simply find a flat wall in a river (such as the ones in Balmora) and swim into it. Then find a way to continue swimming into the wall, like pressing the 'Q' button.

Cheap Training

If you have the Fortify Skill effect, just fortify your own Mercantile by 100 for 1 second before activating any trainer. Even training high levels usually costs fewer than 100 gold. You may also create a spell that drains the skill you are trying to train to zero, in which case the training will cost 1 gold.

Create Your Own Master Trainers

You must have Fortify Skill. Trainers are set to teach you their three highest skills, up to their own skill level, so all you have to do is fortify anything up to 100 and they will suddenly become master trainers of that skill. Combine this spell with the cheap training trick and you can train any skill up from 5 to 100 at any trainer without spending more than a few thousand gold.

Conjuration Training

Practicing the Conjuration skill can be very beneficial, not only as a money-maker for starting out but as a way to train other skills. You can summon as much as you like if you have some Restore Magicka potions. This is a great way to get your combat-related skills up without having to travel too far, and it is less dangerous. If your summon is about to defeat you, you can always summon it again to stop its attacks.

Be sure to try this in controlled locations where important NPCs will not get involved. For efficient use of these summoned creatures, you can always summon them near a bed where no other important NPCs are present. You can use up your Magicka and then rest until it is filled back up to repeat the process.

If your Conjuration skill is low and you still wish to reap the benefits, you can use certain enchanted items to summon creatures, such as the Ancestor's Amulet that summons an Ancestor Ghost.

Enchant Training

The Enchant skill is also raised by activating enchanted items. All you have to do is create a few trinkets with high charges yet very weak enchantments (e.g. restore health 1 point for 1 second on self). Simply activate them repeatedly until they are empty and rest or wait to fill them up again.

This is very similar to training magic skills, but much easier and quicker.

Enchant will level 50 times faster if you use soul gems to recharge items. Stock up on Common Soul Gems and fill them up with summoned Ancestor Ghosts. Pick an item with a large charge capacity that burns its charge very quickly, like the Staff of Magnus. Put the filled soul gems in a quick item slot and use them repeatedly to recharge the item.

Magic Training

To receive experience points for spells, all you must do is successfully cast the spell. That means that you can practice spells over and over again instead of paying for training. Since spells can be cast on the run, it is not necessary to stand in one place to cast repeatedly. Spells can be cast while engaging in many of the activities described on this page.

All spells within a skill will give you the same experience when cast. It is best to train a magic skill by casting the spell with the lowest Magicka cost. The best way to do this is to create custom spells that only cost 1 point of Magicka to cast.

Remember that while you can cast spells on the run, the chance of each cast succeeding is less if your fatigue is low. With the lowest possible starting Willpower of 30, and with a standard Luck level of 40 or above, it takes a level of 62 in any of the spellcasting Magic skills to have a 100% chance of successfully casting a 1-point spell with 0 Fatigue.

Mercantile Training

Find a nice, cheap, and easy-to-find item, such as a standard potion. Determine the lowest price you can buy the item for from a given NPC is without too many "I will not accept this offer" messages. Determine the highest price you can sell the item for as well. Buy it from a merchant over and over again and resell it over and over again, always for those prices. It should only take 8-12 interactions to net a level in Mercantile.

If you create a Fortify Skill spell that increases your Mercantile skill to 500 or above, this makes training much easier, because merchants will always accept your offers no matter what. The better the deal you make, the faster the skill levels up. Try purchasing an item for 1 gold, and then selling a cheap item for all of the merchant's gold. For example, when bartering with enchanters, you can sell a single gold piece and ask for all their gold in return. 2-3 deals like this are usually enough to gain a level in Mercantile.

Security Training

Although you can't leave the game running, it raises security very fast.

First, make sure you have about 15 to 20 journeyman's lockpicks. Then go to Medila Indaren at the Caldera Mages Guild. Buy Fenrick's Doorjam, a 10 point Lock spell. Now go to any container or any place that has two or more containers reachable from the same spot. If the containers are locked, unlock them first. Finally, lock them with the spell and unlock them with your lockpicks. Repeat the process over and over to train your skill, making sure that nobody sees you, since unlocking anything is a crime.

This method will also raise your Alteration skill quickly, since the spell's base cost is 1 Magicka. A stronger lock spell is useless since the strength of the lock does not affect how much experience you get. Also, making a Lock 1 point spell in spellmaking will allow you to more easily open the lock.

Sneak Training

A safe and easy way to train Sneak to 100 is to close yourself into a room with an NPC. Hide behind an obstacle or wait until their back is turned and go into sneak mode. Get back into the NPC's line of sight and just stand there. To hurry things along, you can walk about or open and close doors, but standing works just as well. As with the training athletics hint, you can pursue other activities at the same time, if you make use of a weight to hold down the sneak key on PC or a rubber band on Xbox, or just toggle sneak mode.

Another way, though best used in combination to the above method, is to get into sneak mode and cast an invisibility spell repeatedly. You'll find that each cast will put you one or two points (depending on your luck level) on your character's training progress level bar.

  • Xbox360.png There is an option on the Xbox console to automatically shut off after a set period of time. If you plan to do this trick, you must make sure that your Xbox is not set to automatically shut off. To do this, you must access the Xbox options by turning on the system without a disc in the tray. It is off by default.

A third way is to find archers and pickpocket their arrows one at a time. The same works for gold and any other highly stacked items. For convenience, you can give an NPC a sizable bribe and then pickpocket the gold back piece by piece. This method works better if you have the Morrowind Code Patch, which makes pickpocketing easier.

A fourth way is to sneak up to cliff racers, shoot an arrow, then wait until they come up to melee range. The key here is to hold the sneak button down the entire time and to never, even for a second, lose the yellow marker that tells you you're currently sneaking. This means your character must be well away from any NPCs that could see you or other monsters in range. Each successful attempt will net you about 30 points towards your next sneak level up and, given the amount of cliff racers in the game, this can make leveling it quite fast.

Weapons Training

Consider using low-damage weapons on easier fights (and using a weapon's least effective attack: chop with spears, thrust with axes and blunt weapons, fire bows with only a tap of the trigger). The more hits you land, the more you train. And if you can withstand the damage they inflict, you can even attack Daedra with weapons that don't affect them and still receive experience for each hit.

It's also best to keep Strength somewhat low at first to avoid your weapons breaking too quickly for more efficient training.

Boosting your Agility will help you connect a blow. You can also consider healing creatures before they die.

Another way to quickly and safely train your weapon skills is to use summons. Summon a creature that is immune to normal weapons and attack it repeatedly with a low quality weapon (such as iron or steel). Even without doing damage, your progress bar will fill up, provided you hit. Weak summons, such as the ancestral ghost, are preferable because they don't hit back that hard.

Merchant Tips

Prices and Merchant Disposition

When buying, you will want the merchant's disposition at 100. However, when selling, having the merchant at 100 doesn't give you the highest price. You can temporarily lower the merchant's disposition towards you by trying to buy an item for 0 gold. Each rejected offer lowers the disposition. To reset, simply exit out of the conversation completely and talk with the merchant again. There is no magic value for the highest offered gold, but the higher your merchant skill is, the more of an effect the user's disposition has on the prices. See Mercantile for more details of this bug.[verification needed — This may have been fixed with MCP 2.0].

Selling Expensive Items

If the merchant has a lot of stock, buy all of it to increase his or her gold supply, then sell the expensive item, sleep for a while (24 hours are enough) and sell the other stock back. If the merchant does not have enough gold to buy the item, then buy more of their stock before selling it back. For merchants with lots of gold see Mudcrab Merchant and Creeper.