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Morrowind: Skills
Skill: Conjuration
Governing Attribute:
Successful Cast: +1.0

"Conjuration summons magical items and beings from the outer realms to serve you."

The spell effects of the College of Conjuration include the mental domination of mundane and magical creatures, summoning of otherworldly weapons and armor, and summoning of Daedric or undead servants and powers to serve and protect the caster.

Character Creation

The following races receive bonuses to their Conjuration skill:

The following classes have Conjuration as a Major skill:

The following classes have Conjuration as a Minor skill:

If a new character's Conjuration ability is sufficient, they will receive up to two starting spells:

Other Conjuration spells are listed here.


The Master Trainer of Conjuration is Methal Seran at the Temple in Ald'ruhn, but he only offers his services to members of the Temple. There are very few other trainers, but those of note are:

See Conjuration Trainers for the complete list.


The following books will increase your Conjuration skill:


The following factions include Conjuration as one of their favored skills:

Magical Effects