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Morrowind is a huge game, and it can be a bit tough, especially in the beginning. There are quite a few ways to make the game much easier; some of them were put in by the developers themselves, while others are of the more unintentional variety - problems with the game mechanics. These are tactics that exploit the game's own rules to make the game easier.

Please note that Console Commands and Glitches are not listed on this page, even though they are very useful for 'cheating.' A cheat here is not an illegal modification of the game's variables; rather, it's a "game breaker", an exploit of unbalanced mechanics in the game to better one's character. A glitch, in contrast, is a flaw in the game that is NOT meant to be there, even if a player can still take advantage of it.

Drain and Train

Training in Morrowind has two major problems. The first is cost, and the other is the scant availability of high-level trainers. A simple way to work around this is to use a Drain Skill spell. This allows a normally high leveled skill to be trained by a cheaper low level trainer.

Even after reaching level 100 in a skill, you can continue raising it using this method. Also, your level keeps increasing as your skills do, so you continue to level up even after all your major and minor skills are at 100.

Note that characters with an active Resist Magicka effect may have to use a Weakness to Magicka effect to fully exploit the Drain Skill Effect.

Alchemical Breakthrough

Alchemy is one of the easiest ways to make money in Morrowind. There is a way to make – and sell - an unlimited number of potions, using the game's Restocking Vendor concept. To begin, find a restocking alchemy merchant, and purchase two different ingredients with at least one common effect. Some recommendations are:

  • Anis Seloth in Sadrith Mora: Violet Coprinus and Kwama Cuttle for Water Walking. Anis Seloth only has 800 gold and it's a bit of a walk. A Master's Mortar and Pestle plus a Master's Retort are in a box upstairs and can be borrowed without difficulty. The rest of the Master's level equipment is on display in the shop under the watchful eyes of the guard, but the Master's Calcinator and Alembic can be picked up from the top of the stairs using Telekinesis. Anis Seloth is kind enough to stock Alit Hide and Bonemeal so you can brew up a potion of Telekinesis on the spot. The real prize, the Grandmaster's Mortar and Pestle and Calcinator are on her person. She's definitely worth visiting if you plan to buy the Grandmaster's Calcinator. Ingredient cost: 3.
  • Daynali Dren in the Lower Tower of Tel Mora: Crab Meat and Hound Meat for Restore Fatigue. Daynali Dren is a long trip, but she is a restocking merchant of all the Grandmaster's Level Alchemy Equipment. She also has 3,999 gold per day and is a good place to dump stolen alchemy equipment. All the Grandmaster's Equipment is on her person. Ingredient cost: 3.

For a complete list of those that restock, see Restocking Alchemy Merchants.

Merchants will have full money again 24 hours after selling to them. Since training takes 2 hours, you can revisit your Alchemy Merchant of choice after 12 trains and trade potions for money again. If you cannot carry the number of potions you have made, you can set them in a pile on the floor next to the merchant. No one will steal them, nor will you be considered a thief when you pick them back up. Be careful with Nalcarya as she will edge forward over time and you may find it impossible to pick up the potions if you set them at her feet.

Initially and especially if you have MCP (highly recommended) it is best to purchase the ingredients one at a time by holding CTRL and clicking on the ingredient and clicking offer. This will increase the merchant disposition by 1 point for each sale and will result in better prices down the line. If you have MCP this increase in disposition will be permanent.

If you find that the vendor has too few supply of the item and you are finding it tedious to purchase 5, then another 5, then another 5, you can increase the vendor's stock. First buy all the ingredients that the vendor sells. Once you’ve purchased their supply of these items, exit the barter screen, but do not close the "talk" screen. Now, re-enter the barter screen, and sell them back the ingredients that you just bought. Exit the barter screen, and then re-enter it for the third time. The merchant should now have twice as many of the ingredients as he or she started with. Buy them all, and repeat the process to further increase their supply. Then, convert your ingredients to potions, and sell them to the same vendor to make a hefty profit.

High level Alchemy equipment can be easily stolen from the Caldera Mages Guild to increase your potion values and the Alembic can be sold right away to generate seed capital without affecting potion quality. Take the guild guide to Caldera, and go down the stairs to find a door next to the alchemist. Go through that door and up a spiral staircase to the top. Another Master's set may be stolen from Nalcarya, Balmora's alchemist, by carefully positioning yourself so the post blocks her view and accessing the crate in the corner, but the Alembic will be harder to sell as it's valued at 1200 and most vendors don't have enough to buy it. Creeper doesn't buy alchemy equipment. Don't try selling it back to Nalcarya, as she'll immediately recognize it as her stolen equipment. You can probably sell it to Ajira for 800. Nalcarya also has a Grandmaster's Mortar and Pestle on the shelf, but it is in plain sight of the guard, and can't be easily lifted, but you can easily brew enough Water Walking potions right there to buy it outright. If you're determined to steal it go to Tusamircil for Corkbulb Root and downstairs to Aunius Autrus for Guar Hide to make 30 Fortify Luck potions (less if you boost your intelligence first). Go back to Nalcarya and drink all the Fortify Luck potions. You won't have any problems then. Alternatively you could buy Alit Hide and Bonemeal to make a potion of Telekinesis and sit out of sight of both the guard and the Nalcarya. Just to the right of the bench is perfect. You will have no problems stealing the Grandmaster's Mortar and Pestle without being caught. Scelian Plebo (previously mentioned) will sell you the Bonemeal and Nalcarya herself stocks the Alit Hide.

This method can also be combined with the Super Potion Trick. Potions created with this trick will be much more expensive, allowing you, with the same encumbrance, to move more value.

Free Money

At 300 mercantile, you can buy items for 0 gold and sell 1 gold items for all of the merchant's gold. Alternatively, you can increase your personality to over 2,000 and your luck to 1,000 using the infinite attributes cheat to get the same result.

Infinite Levels

Method One

It is possible to level up indefinitely using the following.

  1. Raise one of your attributes to 100.
  2. Find or create an item that will raise that same attribute over 100 as a constant effect.
  3. Locate a Master Trainer for a skill that falls under that attribute.
  4. Train over and over. The message underneath will always say that you have raised that skill to 100, but you will still get the skill points and therefore keep leveling.

Method Two

Go to jail. You will lose skill points, but you won't lose levels. Train your skills back up, and you'll still level up.

Method Three

Purchase a spell with a Drain Skill effect. See above Drain-Train cheat. This is more effective than the Soultrap cheat because it actually raises your skills, rather than temporarily enhancing them until they are somehow drained.

Although this cheat will allow you to raise your level, it will not raise your skills over 100.

Recharging Magicka

Those born under the sign of The Atronach may enjoy the benefits of increased Magicka, but the accompanying stunted Magicka does tend to ruin all the fun. Other methods of recharging Magicka, such as Summoning Ancestral Ghosts to Absorb Magicka from them, are time-consuming and eat up more Magicka. As an alternative, simply activate any Shrine of the Tribunal or Imperial Altar, and select Attribute Restoration to refill your Magicka to its max. Note that this trick only works for those born under the Atronach.

A different way to recharge Magicka is with Drain Intelligence 100 for 1 second on self (fixed in MCP 2.0). With an Intelligence drained to 0, you have no Magicka, which the game sees as 100%. When the drain ends, you will keep the 100% Magicka pool, now to its maximum. This is an extreme effect of the standard Magicka pool relativity. Enchanting items with the required spells is fairly cheap, and the spell itself requires very little Magicka.

Resist Magicka effects will interfere with the spell, possibly requiring a Weakness effect to be cast previously.

Super-Human Power-ups

Note that the following cheats really upset game balance, to the point where they can ruin the game for you.




  1. Save a "backup" game before starting so that you can reload and fine-tune your process after your initial experiments.
  2. Visit a friendly spellmaker, and have a spell made to Fortify Restoration 100 min/max for 4 seconds on self. You will cast this spell initially, to enable you to cast more powerful spells afterwards.
  3. If the above spell is too difficult to cast, create an additional Fortify Restoration spell with a lower value and a 4 second duration. You can probably manage +25 min/max over 3 seconds, even if your skill is very low.
  4. Create the final custom spell, giving it up to 8 effects. If you add multiples of the same effect, they stack. Fill all eight of the slots with Fortify Alchemy +100 min/max for 1 second.

If your Restoration skill is low, you will first cast the lesser spell. This is probably when you also should drink your first Fortify / Restore Magicka potion. Immediately following, cast the +100 Restoration spell. Immediately after that, cast your new power-up spell and quickly right click!

With all this done, you can now create insane potions such as +368 Speed for 1000 seconds, +72 Magicka for 209 seconds, Levitate 368 for 500 seconds, etc. For Speed, you can use a combination which results in "Fortify Speed", "Drain Fatigue", "Restore Fatigue", resulting in a potion that cancels out its own negative effects. Combining Speed and Levitation potions, you can easily travel from one end of the map to the other in about 10 minutes!

Additional Notes: Drinking multiples of the same potion causes effects to stack. Thus, drinking a great number of Fortify Intelligence and Luck potions may be easier and more effective than using custom spells with the same effects.

Steal without Fear

In the Ghorak Manor in Caldera you can steal anything you want from the crates, including a set of Orcish Armor lacking the helmet, shield, boots and bracers. While the NPCs will say things like "thief" or "guards", you will not get a bounty on your head. As an added bonus, Creeper is in the Manor. This works for basically any house without guards, so, as long as you save before you loot everyone's house, you should be fine.

Easy Stealing

There is a way to steal items without being caught, anywhere in the game, regardless of your stealth or other skills(except perhaps Acrobatics). All you must do is get on top of the item you wish to steal, preferably indoors, and jump up while looking down at the item. At the height of your jump, steal the item and nobody should notice. This is because when you jump, the game registers that you are on a higher floor or level than you really are. You should save before doing this if it is your first time. This cheat/glitch should work in both the original and the GOTY edition of Morrowind.

Another easy way is simply boosting your Stealth Skills to about 900 with Fortify Skill spells or items. (You will need either Mephala's Skill Spell or GoTY edition of Morrowind.) Activate the skill or spell, and then sneak. You can pickpocket characters with very high Sneak skill (better able to detect the crime) this way. For example, Lord Fyr.

Killing without bounty or being expelled from guilds

In order to kill someone from a guild you are a member in without being expelled (Ordinators in Hlaalu Vaults for instance) you need to be sneaking and kill everyone within sight in one blow. You will only be expelled and get a bounty if A) you are seen OR B) someone survives the initial burst. One method to do this is a spell with Weakness to Magicka 100 in 50 ft, Drain Endurance 100 in 50 ft, Damage Health 100 in 50 ft, and Drain Health 100 in 50 ft, cast while you have the sneak icon.

Another way to do this is to create a piece of armor, such as a gauntlet, with a Constant Effect: Damage Health enchantment, then go into pickpocket mode and drop it in their inventory. If they are not already wearing armor of the type you used, they will put it on and be damaged by it. You will only incur a bounty for attempted theft, NOT murder.[verification needed — May be fixed in MCP 2.0].

Otherwise, you can loot an entire store for a small fee. To do this, go to any store without a guard in it, say Ra'virr in Balmora. You must kill them. So, potions are recommended. Take all the valuables. If you have done this right, your bounty will not be over 40. Then, put the valuables in a chest in the store, and pay your bounty. Since guards will not actively pursuit you with that bounty, pay it, then grab the stolen items. Sell them to another owner, and there you have it. This works in GOTY PC Morrowind, as far as confirmation goes.

The Ultimate Hide Power

Saving and reloading a game will make your distant enemies lose track of you, if you don't want to be followed.

Xbox Cheat Codes

To activate cheats, go to stats page and highlight the statistic you want to replenish. Then use the following button combination to activate. On the Xbox 360 Controller, Left Bumper replaces White and the Right Bumper replaces Black.

Restore Health
Black, White, Black, Black, Black and hold A
Restore Magicka
Black, White, White, Black, White and hold A
Restore Fatigue
Black, Black, White, White, Black and hold A
Unlimited Health
Black, White, Black, Black, Black, and hold A
Unlimited Magicka
Black, Black, White, White,Black, White, and hold A
Unlimited Fatigue
Black, Black, White, White, Black, and hold A

If you close the stats window while holding the A key down for any of the cheats mentioned above, it will replenish constantly. But if you enter any other page in your menu, the chosen statistic will cease to constantly replenish. After activating one of these cheats, access anything which has an inventory and allows you to use right trigger to switch over to your own inventory. (In the wild, random monsters work well for this but also any of the various plants which provide Alchemy ingredients will work. In more civilized situations chests, drawers, closets and other such things work great.) Hit the right trigger so that you are on your own inventory, then hit B and exit. If all went well, you can now access the other 3 menu pages with the cheat still active. Beware: going to the stats page will force you to repeat. Warning: These cheats only act as replenish, you can still be killed with the refill health cheat active. Don't take on high hitting opponents even with this cheat because they can still kill you quite easily.

To further explain, you can use restore health for example with the constant replenish code to restore your health. So long as you do not take a hit hard enough to kill you or several quick shots, you may enter the stats page and not press anything and simply watch your health auto replenish without taking more shots. When you exit the screen back to the play mode you may continue to battle and repeat. You can use this to defeat practically anyone in the game, so long as you have enough health, weapons, armor, time and patience in regards to the enemy.

Easy Armor Upgrade

You can use this to easily raise your Unarmored, Light Armor, Medium Armor, and Heavy Armor skills to 100. Simply equip whatever type of armor you wish to train, enable the Xbox health replenish cheat from the previous section, or equip a constant effect Restore Health item, and find an enemy or two. Just make sure you pick an enemy that isn't likely to be able to beat you down faster than you can regenerate; swarms of Slaughterfish and nix hounds work well for this.

You can also do this without cheating by exploiting the Vivec Puzzle Canal, Center, where you must drown your self in order to open the secret gateway. Once you drown yourself, your health will go back up to full. If you attack the dremora, Krazzt, and don't kill him, he will keep attacking you until you die, but each time your health is low or you die, you will be resurrected and your health restored to full. This will allow you to raise your armor level as much as you wish.

Note however that for both of the cheats, your armor will still degrade unless you're skilling up unarmored. Furthermore, doing this cheat is most ideal when high duration armors are accessed like daedric, but it will of course only help time wise, in the case that you leave the game unattended for long periods of time.

Something for Nothing

Items can be sold individually (by using ctrl + click) or in stacks (shift + click) - you can use this to sell and then rebuy the same product for different prices. When starting out, your mercantile will likely be bad and selling a stack of 100 arrows will generally sell for less than 100 gold. However, if you sell them one by one, each arrow will always sell for 1 gold.

Exploiting this fact you can sell all of your 1 gold items one by one, then without clicking the accept transaction button, use shift click to buy the whole stack back. You will now have a situation in which no exchanges are being made but the merchant is offering you gold. Rinse and repeat. When satisfied, click accept transaction. This can also quite comically be done with gold pieces, leading to a situation where the merchant is offering all of his gold for one single gold piece.

Three notes: 1) You have to eventually have something on the table in order to complete the transaction. Offering nothing for 500 gold is unacceptable but offering one gold piece or one goblet for 500 gold is just fine. 2) The price being offered is the base price, so you can still negotiate on top of that with your mercantile as you would normally when buying/selling an item. 3) This works because when you buy back the stack the game subtracts the price the merchant would have normally given you for the entire stack at once which is much less than the full value of the stack. This has the side effect of making this trick not work with the Mudcrab Merchant and Creeper. Since they are creatures, they will always buy and sell at the base price of items because they have no Personality, so when you buy back your items the value subtracted is the item's base value, causing you to make no money.

Enchanting Skill Exploit

If you get your Enchanting skill to 110 or more (via Fortify Enchant), all uses of enchanted items cost only 1 charge, regardless of their effect. Note that some items may claim they take 0 or even a negative charge to use, but they will still consume 1 charge on use. This occurs due to a peculiarity in the charge cost formula that does not properly account for abnormally high Enchant values.