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Tel Mora
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Alignment: Telvanni
Region: Azura's Coast

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Tel Mora
The Pole Star at the docks

Tel Mora ("Tower Forest" in Dunmeris) is the northernmost of the Telvanni-held islands. It was constructed in the middle Merethic Era by Aldmeri explorers. It is the tower of the Telvanni Councilor Mistress Dratha, one of the oldest of the Telvanni wizard lords.

The Tel is typical of a wizard tower in that it has a reasonable community living in smaller mushroom dwellings around the base of the tower. The construction of Tel Mora is also interesting, since the tower itself is set between two islands with a network of walkways over the water.

The community has a good range of services, of fairly high standard. Elegnan, the clothier, is known for her exquisite work and the town includes a smith, an apothecary, and a trader. Berwin, the trader, is particularly pleasant, and has an interesting range of goods.

All of the residents of Tel Mora are female. If you are male, the guards may allow you to shop in the town and get service there, but you should stay well clear of the tower itself. Dratha does not enjoy the presence of men and you may find a far warmer welcome in nearby Vos, a short trip to the shore, costing only a few drakes at the harbor. Boats leave regularly. There is also sea transport to Dagon Fel, Tel Aruhn or Sadrith Mora.

If you are female, however, you will find a warm welcome in this town and plenty of conversation at The Covenant, the local social center. You will also find that the lower tower provides perhaps the best alchemical supply shop in Vvardenfell, supporting the traditional idea of women's natural propensity for healing and herbal magic.

Dratha shares the Telvanni penchant for 'eccentricity', in this case manifesting in an acute and unreasoning hatred of males of any species. While male Telvanni of high rank can talk to her safely and do chores, she can be quite hostile toward male outsiders.

Getting there & around

The Pole Star at the docks can take you to Dagon Fel, Sadrith Mora, Tel Aruhn and Vos, although it is quicker to cross the water to Vos yourself.


You might hear Rumors about a weary vampire who has a nice ring, but the Drethan Ancestral Tomb is actually closer to Dagon Fel.

Places of Interest around Tel Mora

Tel Vos and Vos are just across the channel.


Main Quest

Fighters Guild

House Telvanni

Mages Guild

Thieves Guild

Tribunal Temple

  • Cure Lette: Cure a villager in Tel Mora of swamp fever.


  • The Weary Vampire: Investigate the numerous deaths at the hand of a vampire near Tel Mora.



The town is inhabited solely by women, due to Mistress Dratha's dislike for the male gender. Berwen runs a general trader's shop, while Elegnan specializes in clothing. There are plenty of magical services too. Daynali Dren is the town's alchemist, Jolda acts as an apothecary, and Diren Vendu, Salama Andrethi and Tinaso Alan all have spells for sale. Radras sells weapons and armor, and can repair any damaged items, and Thaeril serves up relaxing drinks in The Covenant. It is strange however that two male Telvanni guards patrol the settlement instead of female guards.

For a full list, see People in Tel Mora.