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Inns are buildings scattered throughout the major and minor settlements of Skyrim that offer lodging and food to trade. Renting a room at any inn costs 10 gold, which then allows you to use the bed for a day. Sleeping at an inn grants you the Well Rested bonus.

Inns are good places to get quests: all bounty quests are obtainable from the innkeepers, asking for rumors will lead you to certain quests, and many people who have miscellaneous quests frequent the inns.

Region Name Location Services Details
Eastmarch Braidwood Inn In Kynesgrove Food, Lodging Owned by Iddra
Eastmarch Candlehearth Hall The center of Windhelm Food, Lodging Owned by Elda Early-Dawn
Eastmarch New Gnisis Cornerclub The Gray Quarter of Windhelm Food Owned by Ambarys Rendar. Frequented by Dunmer.
Falkreath Hold Dead Man's Drink Falkreath Food, Lodging Owned by Valga Vinicia
Haafingar Four Shields Tavern Dragon Bridge Food, Lodging Owned by Faida
Haafingar The Winking Skeever Solitude Food, Lodging Owned by Corpulus Vinius
Hjaalmarch Moorside Inn Morthal Food, Lodging Owned by Jonna
The Pale Nightgate Inn The Pale Food, Lodging Owned by Hadring
The Pale The Stumbling Sabrecat Within Fort Dunstad's outer walls None This tavern has been attacked by bandits and offer no services. The owner, Baral Sendu, lies dead in the basement.
The Pale Windpeak Inn Dawnstar Food, Lodging Owned by Thoring
The Reach Silver-Blood Inn At the entrance of Markarth Food, Lodging Owned by Kleppr
The Reach Old Hroldan Inn East of Markarth and southwest of Rorikstead Food, Lodging Owned by Eydis
The Rift The Bee and Barb Center of Riften Food, Lodging Owned by Keerava
The Rift Vilemyr Inn Ivarstead Food, Lodging Owned by Wilhelm
SolstheimDB The Retching Netch Raven Rock Food, Lodging Owned by Geldis Sadri
Whiterun Hold Frostfruit Inn Rorikstead Food, Lodging Owned by Mralki
Whiterun Hold Sleeping Giant Inn Riverwood Food, Ingredients, Lodging Owned by Delphine. Ownership relinquished to Orgnar during Alduin's Wall.
Whiterun Hold The Bannered Mare The Plains District of Whiterun Food, Lodging Owned by Hulda
Whiterun Hold The Drunken Huntsman The Plains District of Whiterun Food, Weapons, Armor Owned by Elrindir
Winterhold The Frozen Hearth Winterhold Food, Lodging, Spells Owned by Haran