Skyrim:Hag Rock Redoubt

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Nordic Ruin:
Hag Rock Redoubt
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 14
Forsworn, Forsworn Briarheart, Monsters
Important Treasure
2920, Last Seed, v8
Console Location Code(s)
HagRockRedoubt01, HagRockRedoubtExterior, HagRockRedoubtExterior02, HagRockRedoubtExterior03
The Reach
South of Markarth
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 2
# of Tanning Racks 2
# of Forges/Anvils 1
# of Workbenches 1
Hag Rock Redoubt

Hag Rock Redoubt is a small Nordic ruin located south of Markarth.

Hag Rock Redoubt is a multi-tiered structure with multiple entrances and exits on different levels of the mountain. You must go through at least the exterior section of Hag Rock Redoubt in order to reach Dead Crone Rock.

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Radiant Quests

  • Note: This location is one of many potential targets for one or more of the radiant quests found on this page.



As you approach the site there is a typical Nordic Tower in front of you and a path leading past it with tall arches high above. There is a Forsworn standing just outside an open doorway. Inside stairs lead up and out the back to a wooden ramp winding up to the next level. Here there is another leveled Forsworn, an empty set of shelves, an unlocked chest, an unowned bed roll and some food barrels. In front of the shelves is an iron dagger. There are wooden stairs leading up to a level with parts of the floor missing and a wooden table on the far side of a gap. On the table is a random helmet. There are stairs up to the highest level, where there is a stone walkway to the start of a Forsworn encampment. There are many juniper trees around the encampment.

Opposite is a Forsworn tent with a leveled magic-using Forsworn lying on a hay pile and hanging above a garlic braid. There is a campfire a wooden table in front of the tent with two random potions on top. Beside the tent, to the left is a rack with a bunch of dried elves ear and a pheasant, with a wood chopping block and woodcutter's axe to the right. To the left of the walkway is a stone hut containing a leveled Forsworn, a set of shelves, an adept locked chest and alchemy lab. On the shelves is a random potion of each healing, magicka and stamina and two apothecary's satchels. Behind the stone hut are stairs leading up to more terraces with bone chimes strung across the stairs, each of which are guarded by several Forsworn. To the left of the hut is the main path seen previously with the high arches high overhead with more Forsworn patrolling and also the lowest entrance to the interior.

The next terrace has a Forsworn tent at the top of the stairs containing a hay pile, food barrel and random potion of magicka, with a campfire in front and an empty pot hanging over it. To the right is a wooden block with a woodcutter's axe on top and to the left is a rack with two rabbits hanging from it. There are also two tables, a workbench, an anvil and two tanning racks in this area, one table has a Forsworn bow, a quiver of Forsworn arrows and a random potion of true shot on top. To the right of the stairs is a lean-to with an unowned bed roll under it and a campfire in front. Further to the right is the lower of the alternative exits from the interior.

There is another flight of stairs up to the next terrace with a tripwire that triggers a falling boulder trap at the bottom and a walkway over them. To the left of the stairs are two Forsworn tents, each containing a hay pile and the second also containing a table and chair, while to the right is another stone hut over a wooden spiral staircase leading up from the highest exit from the interior. One final flight of stairs leads up to the top terrace where a Forsworn Briarheart and a monster are inside another Forsworn tent. The tent contains an unlocked chest. If the monster is a giant frostbite spider, it can get stuck in the tent allowing for easy dispatch. From this terrace there is a path heading south and stairs leading up to the entrance to Dead Crone Rock.

Hag Rock Redoubt

The easiest entry point will be the door on the lowest level of Hag Rock Redoubt Ruin. This is will normally be the first door you come to when approaching Hag Rock Redoubt. Once inside, your way up to the first level of the redoubt is lit by a brazier. At the top of the incline three Forsworn are residing; one patrolling and two dining at the table. Once you have the place to yourself, head to the dining table to retrieve the Sneak skill book 2920, Last Seed, v8, and two potions. Also find a rock warbler egg. To the left of the table, behind the pillar, a sample of frost mirriam is on a crate, with a bucket beside it containing two samples of hagraven feathers and an iron dagger. Due east from the table, in a darkened alcove is an adept locked chest.

To the north is a flight of wooden spiral stairs leading up to a jail area containing one leveled Forsworn guarding two adept locked cells. The guard is sat at the top of the stairs beside a cupboard holding an iron helmet, an iron dagger, a bottle of wine, two bowls of bone meal, a nightshade flower, a bulb of garlic, a burial urn and a copy of Hag Rock Ruin Jail key. The key will only open the cell directly across from the entrance on the west wall, which, unfortunately yields nothing of interest. Beside the cupboard is a bucket containing two samples of scaly pholiota. The second cell is to the left of the entrance, going south. Inside is the body of a bandit and a random potion of magicka. There is an imp stool fungus growing among a cave-in to the left of this cell. Past the jail area is another passage heading north, it takes a couple of turns and end at a wooden door.

Through the door is a Forsworn Briarheart's quarters. Most likely he will have his back to you working at an alchemy lab as you approach, allowing for an advanced sneak attack. On the table along with the lab is a random potion of healing, a cast iron pot and wooden bowl containing two samples of slauhterfish scales and three slaughterfish eggs between them. To the right of the stone table is a boss level chest and beside that a small round wooden table with a sample of Jazbay grapes, creep cluster and another slaughterfish egg. To the left of the alchemy lab is a food barrel with three sheaves of wheat on top and a long wooden table with an iron dagger on top and an iron sword and battleaxe underneath. There is an unowned bed roll by the south wall, a wooden block against the north wall with a rabbit on top and a cupboard against the east wall. On the shelves of the cupboard is a bottle of alto wine, a Nordic barnacle, a bulb of garlic, a potato, and two random potions.

To the left of the cupboard is a wooden door leading to an iron door that leads back outside and is the lower of the two exits. Almost directly across from the cupboard, facing west, is a hallway that splits into two passages, straight ahead, is a sideboard on top of which is an apprentice trapped chest, that triggers a spear trap from the floor unless disarmed before opening. If you notice the arrangement of the spear receptacles on the floor, you will be able to avoid the trap by standing to the far right or left of the chest and flush against the sideboard. There is a goat hide, another sample of creep cluster, a bowl of bone meal, a blue dartwing and an open crate containing two pieces of quicksilver ore on the shelf underneath. The left-hand passage leads up stairs to an iron door that leads back outside to the higher of the terraces. Waiting outside the second exit is the Forsworn Briarheart and a monster unless you've previously dealt with all of the external Forsworn and the monster.