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A Corundum Ingot
Corundum Ore
An Ore Vein of Corundum

Corundum is a metal that is mixed with iron to create stronger alloys. The most common alloy is steel, which uses equal amounts of iron and corundum. Smaller amounts of Corundum can be used to create lower-quality alloys that are only slightly stronger than iron; banded iron armor is made this way. Higher-quality alloys can also be created by adding extra corundum to steel, as is done for Advanced Armors, namely scaled and steel plate armor.

The most easily accessible corundum mine is Goldenrock Mine, adjacent to Darkwater Crossing in Eastmarch. Although a couple of other locations have more veins, the other locations can not be accessed at the start of the game.


Name ID Weight Value
  Corundum Ore 0005acdb 1 20
  Corundum Ingot 0005ad93 1 40
  • 3 Corundum Ores are obtained by mining Corundum Ore Veins.
  • 1 Corundum Ingot is obtained by smelting 2 Corundum Ores.
  • 1 Steel Ingot is obtained by smelting 1 Corundum Ore and 1 Iron Ore.

Mineral Sources

In addition to the following guaranteed sources, the best random locations are:

  • Corundum Ore may be sold by blacksmiths and general goods merchants starting at level 7.
  • Corundum Ingots may be sold by blacksmiths and general goods merchants at all levels.

There are a total of 228 veins, 11 ores, and 14 ingots at guaranteed locations. The vast majority of the veins are individual rock outcroppings found scattered outside throughout Skyrim. The following list only includes notable locations, in particular locations where multiple veins are located near each other and interior areas containing veins or ingots. The Corundum Veins category contains a more complete list of places containing single veins. All exterior ore veins are shown on (map). Note, however, that only 50 veins are shown on the map at one time; to see the rest of the veins, click on "Next" at the bottom of the list of results.

Region Location Veins Ores Ingots Details (see place pages for full information)
Falkreath Hold Knifepoint Ridge 19 The veins cannot be accessed until the quest Boethiah's Calling has been started.
Winterhold Blackreach 14 2 Blackreach contains an additional 13 Geode Ore Veins that actually yield Corundum and are functionally identical to Corundum Ore Veins
Eastmarch Goldenrock Mine 4 6 9 4 ores and 3 ingots are outside the mine; the other ores and ingots are in Verner's House
The Reach Liar's Retreat 4
The Rift Broken Helm Hollow 3
The Reach Gloomreach 3
Falkreath Hold The Guardian Stones 3 The three veins are centered 540 ft S of the stones (map)
Eastmarch Lost Knife Hideout 3
The Pale Pale Imperial Camp 3 1 is northeast of the camp (map); 2 are northwest (map)
Falkreath Hold South Brittleshin Pass 3 1 is west of the pass (map); 2 are east of it (map)
Whiterun Hold Battle-Born Farm 2 (map)
Whiterun Hold Cold Rock Pass 2
Eastmarch Eldergleam Sanctuary 2
Haafingar Ironback Hideout 2
Hjaalmarch Ustengrav 2
The Pale Raldbthar 2
Whiterun Hold Halted Stream Camp 1
The Rift Angarvunde 1
The Rift Boulderfall Cave 1
Haafingar Deepwood Vale 1
Falkreath Hold Greywater Grotto 1
Haafingar Shadowgreen Cavern 1
Haafingar Steepfall Burrow 1
Eastmarch Uttering Hills Cave 1
Eastmarch Abandoned Prison 1 On the river bank opposite the main entrance (map).
The Pale Wreck of The Brinehammer 1 Ore is in The Brinehammer Below Deck.
The Reach Blind Cliff Cave 1
The Pale Duskglow Crevice 1


  • Corundum (ore or ingot) is one of 4 items needed at the Atronach Forge to create a Staff of the Flame Atronach.
  • Corundum ore can be sold to Verner Rock-Chucker for the quest Mine Ore.
  • Corundum ingots are one of multiple items needed at forges to create all varieties of banded iron, scaled, and steel plate armor.
  • One corundum ingot is needed at a workbench to improve all of these same types of armor, as well as Volsung.
  • Unlike other ores, corundum ore is worth exactly half of a corundum ingot. You can save money by buying other types of ore and refining it yourself, but it's more efficient to buy corundum ingots directly, and there is no cost difference. Corundum ore is worth as much as a steel ingot, so buying corundum and iron ores to smelt steel ingots is more costly than buying steel ingots directly.
  • Ore veins of all types sometimes do not respawn normally (see mining bugs).
  • HF Locks use corundum ingots in their creation, safes use steel ingots, and the Shrine of Akatosh uses one corundum ingot.