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Shivering:Grummite Eggs

Shivering Isles: Alchemy / Items: Ingredients
Grummite Eggs
Grummite Eggs
Value 1 Weight 0.5
Alchemy Effects
1st Damage Magicka Damage Magicka
2nd Dispel Dispel
3rd Chameleon Chameleon
4th Silence Silence
# Samples 77
Plant Grummite Egg Mound
Grummite Egg Sac
 % 33
# Plants 836 Total (803 outside, 33 in caves)
<a href="/wiki/Ficheiro:SI-flora-Grummite_Egg_Mound.jpg" class="image"><img alt="" src="//images.uesp.net/thumb/b/bd/SI-flora-Grummite_Egg_Mound.jpg/200px-SI-flora-Grummite_Egg_Mound.jpg" width="200" height="156" class="thumbimage" /></a>
<a href="/wiki/Ficheiro:SI-flora-Grummite_Egg_Mound.jpg" class="internal" title="Ampliar"></a>
Grummite Egg Mounds
<a href="/wiki/Ficheiro:SI-flora-Grummite_Egg_Sac.jpg" class="image"><img alt="" src="//images.uesp.net/thumb/1/14/SI-flora-Grummite_Egg_Sac.jpg/200px-SI-flora-Grummite_Egg_Sac.jpg" width="200" height="156" class="thumbimage" /></a>
<a href="/wiki/Ficheiro:SI-flora-Grummite_Egg_Sac.jpg" class="internal" title="Ampliar"></a>
Grummite Egg Sacs

The ingredient Grummite Eggs comes from both "Grummite Egg Sacs" and "Grummite Egg Mounds," which are treated by the game as plants. Egg mounds have a 33% harvest chance, whereas egg sacs (of which there are two varieties) have an 80% harvest chance. Grummite egg sacs and mounds are more common in Dementia, but some can also be found in Mania.

In addition, nearly all Grummites, both Dementia and Mania varieties, have a 25% chance of carrying Grummite Eggs.


77 guaranteed samples can be found. The places with the highest numbers of samples are:

It can also be found randomly in Ahjazda's inventory and in some loot chests.


The places with the highest concentrations of Grummite Eggs are:

  • 40 plants are in SI exterior cell (-10, -11) (map)
  • 35 plants are in SI exterior cell (-7, -9) (map)
  • 34 plants are in SI exterior cell (5, 4) (map)
  • 29 plants are in SI exterior cell (2, 4) (map)
  • 23 plants are in SI exterior cell (9, -9) (map)
  • 21 plants are in SI exterior cell (-3, -8) (map)

33 can be found growing inside:

Locations of Grummite Eggs plants


Grummite Eggs are the only ingredient that are commonly found both on creatures and as plants. Nearly all Grummites have a 25% chance of carrying Grummite Eggs, including both Dementia and Mania varieties, and including melee, archer, magus, and shaman varieties. Exceptions, that never have any Grummite Eggs, are "Envious Grummites," "Dead Grummites," "Grummite Prisoners," and "Grummite Lookouts." No Grummites are guaranteed to carry Grummite Eggs.

Grummites appear at all levels, and in most cases are respawning creatures that are guaranteed to appear (even if eggs are not guaranteed). The best places to find Grummites include (red circles):

Locations of Grummites