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Shivering:Caldana Monrius' House

Shivering Isles: Places: Homes
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Console Location Code(s)
SENSCaldanaMonirusHouse, SENSCaldanaMonirusHouseUpstairs
New Sheoth, Crucible

Caldana Monrius' House is located in central Crucible.

The main house, apart from books and ingredients, holds little of interest. The books that are worth noting are: Bark and Sap, The Standing Stones and An Elytra's Life. The wooden shelf has upon it: one pumpkin, three potatoes and two grummite eggs. There are a further two samples of grummite eggs on the dining table. Her bedroom holds many storage crates as well as some more notable stuff. On her desk is a bottle of cheap wine, with another bottle on her bedside table. There is another cluster of grummite eggs along side a sample of gnarl bark sitting upon a cupboard near the desk. On top of her wardrobe is a copy of the book From Frog to Man.