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Shivering:Cutter's Weapons

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Cutter's Weapons
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Proprietor Cutter
Console Location Code(s)
SENSCuttersWeapons, SENSCuttersWeaponsUpstairs
New Sheoth, Crucible
Cutter's Weapons, Crucible

Cutter's Weapons is a blacksmith shop in Crucible, the demented half of New Sheoth. It is found adjacent to the Museum of Oddities and across the street from Ushnar gro-Shadborgob's house. The store is open every day between 8am and 8pm.

What has Cutter been up to lately?

The proprietor, Cutter, has 1200 gold and a Mercantile skill of 34. When bartering, she will buy and sell weapons, armor and miscellaneous items. Cutter also offers repair and recharging services.

As part of the related quest Cutter can forge Madness armor or weapons for you if you bring her the appropriate number of pieces of madness ore. If you also have the appropriate madness matrix, she will be able to fashion enchanted madness weapons or armor.

The main trading room is on the ground floor and contains a desk, a forge and a few anvils. Examples on her unique forgery are displayed in class diplay cases and a copy of the Madness Ore materials list is hung on the wall. Cutter claims to test the sharpness of her blades herself, and the amount of blood on the floor and table seems to proves that. The Private Quarters are upstairs and contain her double bed, a bit of food and some cheap wine. Note that Cutter never enters this area due to a bug.

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