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Home City New Sheoth Crucible
Store Cutter's Weapons
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Level 10 Class Smith
RefID BaseID
Available 8am-8pm every day
Other Repairs Repairs, Recharging Recharging
Gold 1200 Mercantile Apprentice (34)
Sells Weapons, Arrows, Armor, Repair Hammers
Madness Armor and Madness Weapons
Other Information
Health 112 Magicka 112
Respons. 60 Aggress. 5
Essential Yes
Faction(s) Dementia Faction; Crucible Citizen; Citizen of New Sheoth; Rooftop Club
Cutter in her store
"I test the blades personally."

Cutter is a Bosmer smith living in Crucible, New Sheoth. She is the proprietor of Cutter's Weapons where she sells weapons and offers repair- and recharging services. Cutter is one of only two smiths in the Shivering Isles that can forge powerful magic and non-magic weapons and armor; her specialty is forging armor from madness ore and matrices.

Cutter wears patchwork pants a patchwork shirt and a pair of scruffy shoes. In combat she will either use her iron dagger or her iron bow. She carries a copy of the Liturgy of the Duelists confirming her identity as a member of the club. Besides that she carries a bottle of ale, a small amount of gold, her key and a Duelist's Key further associating her with the Duelists. Cutter knows the standard leveled Rogue spells.

Manically obsessed with bloodshed, including her own, and with blood on the floor of the main trading room to prove it, she opens up her shop every day at 8am. She spends the next twelve hours offering her various services to the occasional customer before locking up again at 8pm. At that time, she heads up onto the rooftop above Sickly Bernice's Taphouse where she meets up with the other members of the duelists, for two hours of fighting, drinking and bleeding. On Morndas, she will fight Ma'zaddha and Ushnar gro-Shadborgob. Turdas sees her fighting against Caldana Monrius and on Fredas, she will fight both Caldana, Ushnar and Muurine. When she isn't fighting she will be eating on the rooftop and cheering on the day's fighters. She always heads back to her house at 10pm and eats a late dinner until midnight. She was supposed to sleep between midnight and 8am but doesn't, due to a bug.

If you pay her smithy a visit during opening hours, Cutter will stop working and introduce herself and hand you the Madness Ore Materials List, thus starting the quest The Antipodean Hammer: "They call me Cutter. For a truly inspired blade, I can forge Madness Ore! Here. Hold onto this parchment. It lists what I need." Asking her about Madness Ore will make her explain: "Spirits of ancient souls are trapped in the Ore. Find it in old ruins. Also, Grummites are especially attracted to it. It's a supple and flexible ore. Yet it holds a good edge. I can shape the sharpest of blades from it. I can also create magical items." A new topic named ‘Magic Items’ will appear and when asked, Cutter will provide a good deal of background information: "Tradition dictates before each master smith dies, she hides these magical molds in the world. Like pouring salt into a wound. Over time they soak in magical energies from the world around them. Like you suck blood from a cut. Bring me a matrix and enough Ore, and I will forge you a new item and bleed the magic of the matrix into it." When asked about forging, she will request a certain amount of Ore: "I'd love to hammer Madness Armor to hold your shape. But you must provide some Madness Ore. Inspect the information I have posted." and "I'd love to shape a weapon for you, but you don't have enough Madness Ore. Have a look at the info I've posted in the shop." She will bid you farewell with one of these sensual statements: "Going so soon? Come back when your blades need sharpening.", "Go. Sink your blade deep into the flesh of your enemies.", "When your blade bites into your foe and he screams in pain, think of me." and "May you bleed well!" The next time you talk to her, she will greet you in different ways: "Something smooth and sharp? Leave your foes sticky with blood.", "I do delicate things with Madness Ore. It tingles across the flesh when it cuts." or "Do you long for a blade? To cut with? Yes?"

Cutter dueling

If you meet Cutter at other times than business hours, her dialogue will change slightly. During her evening sessions with the Duelists, she may say: "You are not a member of the society. Watch if you must, but don't get in the way." Also, if you break into her store between 10pm and 8am she will ask to be left alone: "Please leave! These are private moments!" and "Visit me during store hours. These are private moments."
When you use her various services, even more bloodthirsty comments will appear. When bartering she will utter: "I've got the sharpest blades in the Isles. Maybe anywhere. Take a look.", "Need something sharp? Stabbing, cutting, that sort of thing? I can accommodate you, I assure you." and "Weapons and armor here. Especially weapons. Sharp ones." After a trade she will add: "If you need more, you know where to find me. I'm nearly always at work." Using her repair services will net you: "I'm very good at sharpening blades, but I can do all sorts of repair work". and "I stand by all my repair work. I test the blades personally." If you have finished the Main Quest, Cutter will address you as Lord Sheogorath: "Lord! How may I serve You? Do You require a sharp blade to bleed your enemies?" She will exit conversation with: "My Lord has a real edge I'd like to cut myself on."

During the quest The Lady of Paranoia, Cutter will prove helpful in unveiling the conspiracy on Syl, even if she will hesitate at first: "I don't spread gossip. I have nothing to say." A bit of painful persuasion from Herdir will not even impress her: "You think I can't take that kind of pain? I've had worse. I won't tell you anything. There's nothing going on!" The second zap from Herdir will make her break down and talk: "Just stop it! Ma'zaddha and Nelrene... They meet in the street during the night. No one knows what they talk about. That's it. That's what you want, isn't it? Now leave me alone!"

Cutter's ‘special’ abilities with blades are well-known; all over the Isles, people will discuss the self-mutilating Smith from Crucible:

Cutter's Weapons
"Cutter sells weapons in Crucible, but you won't catch me going there."
"I'd buy my weapons at Cutter's. She has... a way with blades."
"To Cutter's in Crucible you should go for bladed weapons to thwart your foe."
"I hear Cutter collects the Madness Ore to turn into armor."
"I hear she makes armor and weapons out of it. For a price."
"She can make armor. And weapons. I've also heard she's found ways to make magical versions, as well."
"I try not to buy anything from the Demented, especially weapons."
"She has a gift for blades. No doubt about it."

The Antipodean Hammer

Occasionally, Cutter may also greet you with "You remain faithful. That is good. I will cut your throat if you visit that other smith.", hinting that she has a rival in New Sheoth. That rival is the proprietor of The Missing Pauldron in Bliss, namely Dumag gro-Bonk, who can forge weapons and armor from Amber. An ongoing and unfriendly feud between the two smiths will be present at all times and they will both get angry if you have visited the other smith. As a result, Cutter’s disposition will lower and she may greet you with: "You have been unfaithful. His blades are dull and uninspired. Mine are sharp and exquisite.", "Do you enjoy it? Cutting my heart? Why visit that other smith?" and "Why visit that other smith? Piercing flesh with my blades doesn't satisfy you?" In Bliss, Dumag gro-Bonk will hatefully say: "I am the Master Smith of New Sheoth. Why bother with that other smith?" and "What can you possibly see in her? She spends more time cutting herself than swinging a hammer."'

Every time you hand Cutter the required amount of Madness Ore, she will forge a weapons or armor and comment on the item. The remarks will change if you hand her a Matrix and ask her to make a magical version of the item.

Forged Item Regular Enchanted
Madness Boots Boots are useful. Though, sometimes, it's nice to wade barefoot through the blood of your fallen foes. Crush the skulls of the fallen under your boots. Stomp out their eyeballs with your heel. Paint the floor red in a bloody dance."
Madness Cuirass Sure, you've got your rib cage, but a sharp blade can pry ribs apart. The enemy's blade will glance across the smooth metal. A gentle caress.
Madness Gauntlets When the blood flows across your knuckles, think of me. They say the heart anchors the soul to the man. Think of this while the heart of your enemy beats in your hand. Then squeeze.
Madness Greaves Important arteries flow through the legs. Such strong blood pulses through the legs.
Madness Helmet Head wounds bleed profusely. The best way for a blade to slip into a man's brain is through the eye socket, ear hole, or through the nose.
Madness Shield Properly timed, blocking can stagger your foe. That is the time to caress him with your blade. This shield, like a true friend, is always willing to take a good beating.
Madness Arrows These arrows will sink deep into your enemy's flesh. It is a satisfying sound, when an arrow rips into flesh."
Madness Axe When you hack off an arm, the blood spurts out in surges. Think of me fondly when you bury this axe deep into your foe's skull.
Madness Bow Think of me when you send arrows to bite into your foe. With a gentle moan, this bow will yield to your pull. With a scream of delight, it will launch pain into your enemies
Madness Claymore With enough force, this will cleave through meat and bone. When you are really angry, it feels good to hack into someone with a giant blade.
Madness Longsword Carve a happy smile. Let the blood wash over your hands. Cutting a man apart, little by little... such sticky sweet victory.

Stage-Dependent Dialogue

At different stages in the Main Quest, Cutter will share different rumors with you and other NPCs:

  • There's a new person in the Isles. I wonder what his blood tastes like?
  • It's only a matter of time before adventurers swarm the Isles now that the Gatekeeper is killed. You'll need a sharp blade to bleed them.
  • I wonder if the Resonator of Judgment hurts those inside?
  • Thadon's blood is so tainted. He needs to be cut open so he can let some of the toxin out.
  • Syl is a paranoid fool. She could torture me as much as she'd like, though. Cut intricate patterns into my skin. I shiver just thinking about it.
  • I wonder if the Great Torch being lit will stop the unrest. I was getting excited about the prospect of more bloodshed. Oh, well.
  • A new ruler for Dementia! Perhaps blood was spilled. Great deals of blood. Syl's blood. Lovely blood.
  • I heard Thadon's heart exploded. There would have been a great deal of blood. Sweet, sweet heart's blood.
  • Strange creatures have appeared in the Fringe... perhaps you need a new blade? A Madness blade?
  • I've heard that the new Gatekeeper is fearsome. The ground will soon be red with the blood of those that would challenge him.
  • Our Lord has His armies restored. They carry such wonderfully sharp blades.
  • Sheogorath is gone. Better carry a blade, just in case. Use it on your enemies, if things get bad. Or on yourself, if things get worse.
  • I thought we were all doomed for a while there. I carved my last will and testament, but I won't say where.

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  • A lot of additional greetings can be heard when you get near Cutter; unfortunately, her service-package takes precedence between 8am and 8pm, so these lines can only be heard between 8pm and 10pm:
"Hello there! Can I cut you a deal?"
"Good to see you again. Do you need me to sharpen your blades?"
"Have you brought me some Madness Ore?"
"I have the sharpest blades. I test them out on myself before I put them on sale. They are deliciously keen."
"Would you like a blade to cut open your foes?"
  • Even though she is marked as essential, an epitaph for Cutter can be found in the Construction Set: "In memory of Cutter. She enjoyed every cut to the last. And she enjoyed that one the most. It cut her spirit free."


  • Cutter has the same bug as the other members of the duelists and can often be found to be carrying huge amounts of weaponry; in her case, iron daggers.
  • Cutter was programmed to find a bed on the ground floor between midnight and 8am. Since her bed is located in the upstairs area, Cutter will just wander around the ground floor all night long.
  • When taking madness ore, Cutter is affected by the Separate Stack Removal glitch.