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Ita Rienus
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Home City Bravil
Location Bravil Mages Guild
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level 10 Class Battlemage
RefID BaseID
Available 6am-6pm every day
Training Trainer (Advanced)Mysticism (Advanced) Mysticism, Advanced
Other Recharging Recharging
Gold 10 Mercantile Novice (16)
Spells Illusion SpellsMysticism Spells
Other Information
Health 85 Magicka 192
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Guild for Mages Journeyman(Journeyman Journeyman); Bravil
Ita Rienus in the Bravil Mages Guild

Ita Rienus, an Imperial battlemage, is a Journeyman of the Mages Guild who offers advanced Mysticism training and recharging services and sells spells at the Bravil Guild Hall.

She will also train by herself: at 6am, she gets out of bed and enters the Guild Basement, where she will wander around for a couple of hours. At 8am, there is a 40% chance that she will cast some Mysticism spells, and will continue to do so for two hours. After training, she heads upstairs and wanders around there, conversing with her fellow guildmates. At 2pm, she once again heads down into the basement, where she will spend another four hours wandering. At 6pm, she eats dinner on the ground floor with the other Guild members for three hours. Afterward, she will exit the Guild for some fresh dusk air, and will wander around near Bravil's north entrance for the next two hours, before heading back to the Guild and her bed at 11pm.

She wears middle-class attire consisting of a burgundy linen shirt, burgundy linens and a pair of thick cowhide shoes. Her only other possession is a leveled amount of gold.

She doesn't carry any weapons, relying instead on a set of medium-high level Illusion spells. These are also the same spells that you can buy from her for a cheap price, since her Mercantile is a mere 16. She will always offer her services when not sleeping, eating or taking her daily trip to the city's north entrance.

When you meet her for the first time, she will say: "Ita Rienus, Spells, Recharging and Training in Mysticism. And idle chatter. At your service." On her town of choice, her geographic knowledge shines through: "Bravil is an important trade center, and a rich melting pot of Imperial, Khajiit, and Argonian cultures. And, yes, a bit shabby and shopworn." She will also point you towards Delphine Jend, when you ask her about the Guild: "Delphine can get you a spell to summon bound armor, if you're interested. And if you're able, of course." If you haven't joined yet she will comment: "Kud-Ei would be the one to talk to, if you wish to join. Otherwise, just find one of the other local guild heads."

As an advanced trainer, Ita can provide you with the necessary reference for the Mysticism Master Training quest. Once your mysticism skill level reaches 70, speak to her, and choose the "training" option, which will trigger the quest and this dialogue: "You know as much about Mysticism as I do. If you wish to learn more, Dagail can teach you. Visit her at the Leyawiin Guild hall. But be aware that she's a bit... odd."

The townsfolk of Bravil will comment on Ita's fondness for both Mysticism and geography:

"Ita Rienus knows more about the geography of Tamriel than anyone I've ever met. Apparently, she knows quite a bit about Mysticism as well."
"Surprising, don't you think, since she never seems to leave that guild hall."
"I heard Ita Rienus talking about the geography of Tamriel again. She's very knowledgeable."
"There's no doubt that she knows a lot. Years of studying all sorts of things, I'd expect."
"Do you think anyone in Bravil knows more about Tamriel than Ita Rienus?"
"Perhaps she grew bored with studying nothing but enchantments and spells. I know I would."
"How does Ita Rienus know so much about Tamriel?"
"I would assume she's travelled extensively. Must have been some time ago, though, since she never seems to leave the guild hall now."

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She sells the following spells:

Spell Name Level Cost Effects
Candlelight* Journeyman 103 Light in 40ft for 180sec on Self
Chameleon* Journeyman 116 Chameleon 25% for 30sec on Self
Debilitate* Journeyman 142 Paralyze for 3sec on Touch
Eyes of Midnight Journeyman 66 Night-Eye for 30sec on Self
Hush* Journeyman 90 Silence for 10sec on Target
Shadow Shape* Journeyman 120 Invisibility for 30 sec on Self
Voice of Dread* Journeyman 68 Demoralize up to level 5 for 20sec on Target
Voice of Rapture* Journeyman 88 Charm 36pts for 30sec on Target
Fearful Gaze* Expert 171 Demoralize up to level 7 for 30sec on Target
Ghostwalk Expert 240 Invisibility for 60sec on Self
Immobilize Expert 332 Paralyze for 7sec on Touch
Mute Expert 303 Silence in 15ft for 15sec on Target
Shadow Expert 282 Chameleon 50% for 30sec on Self
Torchlight Expert 183 Light in 50ft for 240sec on Self
Grasp of Terror Master 401 Demoralize up to level 20 for 30sec on Touch
Spectral Form* Master 480 Invisibility for 120sec on Self
Minor Life Detection Novice 15 Detect Life in 60ft for 10sec on Self

* Indicates spells which cannot be purchased from anyone else, though spells with the same effects at different magnitudes can be purchased elsewhere.

Purchased Spell Notes
  • The magicka cost for most purchasable spells matches the value you would calculate from the Spell Cost equation. In other words, if you were to create the same spell at the Spellmaking Altar, it would have the same magicka cost as the purchasable spell. There are a few exceptions. Spells that are a bad deal, i.e. more expensive than a custom spell, are in red; spells that are a good deal are in green. The magicka cost if you were to create a custom spell at the Spellmaking Altar is shown in parentheses.
  • The magicka cost for spells is dependent upon your skill in the school (as modified by Luck, see Magic Overview). The provided baseline values are the magicka cost when your skill level is 33. For other skill levels the magicka cost can be determined from:
Cost * (1.4 - 0.012 * Skill)
  • More powerful spells cost more to buy, have a higher skill requirement, and consume more Magicka.
  • Level indicates what skill level you must reach (or surpass) in order to use a spell. Skill Level 0-24 = Novice, 25-49 = Apprentice, 50-74 = Journeyman, 75-99 = Expert, 100 = Master.
  • The base cost in gold that you must pay to purchase a spell is always three times the current magicka cost of the spell, taking into account your character's skill level and Luck. (The actual cost you pay is further increased based on how well you haggle with the merchant.) Therefore, if you have any Fortify Skill or Fortify Luck spells/potions handy, you can get significantly better deals when purchasing spells.


  • While she was supposed to train in the basement all day long until 6pm, another wandering script will prevail and cut off the spell-casting one.