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Morrowind: People / Merchants
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Jobasha (jobasha)
Home City Vivec, Foreign Quarter
Store Jobasha's Rare Books (See map)
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Level 14 Class Bookseller
Gold 1000 Mercantile Journeyman (30)
Other Information
Health 99 Magicka 142
Alarm 100 Fight 30

Jobasha is a Khajiit bookseller who is the proprietor of "Jobasha's Rare Books" in the western corridor on the upper level of the Lower Waistworks in Vivec's Foreign Quarter. His shop is stocked with many rare books and is guarded by an Ordinator, who was sent by Duke Vedam Dren himself, according to Jobasha. He is both directly and indirectly involved in many quests that require rare books. He is also an active abolitionist and works closely with Ilmeni Dren. In his store you can find "Charles the Plant," a unique potted plant that produces "Meteor Slime."

He is wearing a common shirt with matching pants. Like all Khajiit, he can see well in the dark and can demoralize others for short periods. Aside from that, he knows: Divine Intervention, Mark, Recall, Detect Creature, and Detect Key.

Related Quests

Main Quest

Mages Guild

House Telvanni




  • Greetings:
    • "What can Jobasha do for you?"
  • Antecedents of Dwemer Law: "Jobasha knows this book well. Do you wish to buy? Perhaps Jobasha has a copy..."
  • Chronicles of Nchuleft: "Yes, Jobasha knows the Chronicles of Nchuleft. Perhaps Jobasha has a copy..."
  • Elsweyr: "It is the home of the Khajiit. Perhaps Jobasha will return someday."
  • Fire and Faith: "Jobasha thinks Dorisa's shop in Balmora is the place to look."
  • Morrowind: "How do you like it here?"
  • my trade: "Jobasha reads books, buys books, sells books. What more can Jobasha say? Jobasha knows a little about everything. So you ask, and maybe Jobasha will talk."
  • Vampires of Vvardenfell: "It is a rare book. The Temple does not like this book, and could punish Jobasha if they knew..."
  • Vedam Dren: "Duke Dren sent guards to Jobasha's store. Are they here to protect Jobasha or protect others from Jobasha? Either way, Jobasha appreiciates it."



Item Value Qty
A Dance in Fire, Chapter 1 150 1
A Dance in Fire, Chapter 2 150 1
A Dance in Fire, Chapter 3 150 1
A Dance in Fire, Chapter 4 150 1
A Dance in Fire, Chapter 5 150 1
A Dance in Fire, Chapter 6 150 1
A Dance in Fire, Chapter 7 150 1
A Less Rude Song 40 1
Ancestors and the Dunmer 25 2
Antecedants of Dwemer Law 25 2
Biography of Barenziah v I 50 3
Biography of Barenziah v II 50 3
Biography of Barenziah v III 50 3
Boethiah's Glory 25 1
Brief History of the Empire v 1 50 2
Brief History of the Empire v 2 50 2
Brief History of the Empire v 3 50 3
Brief History of the Empire v 4 50 3
Cherim's Heart of Anequina 225 2
Chronicles of Nchuleft 250 1
Confessions of a Skooma-Eater 25 1
Fragment: On Artaeum 20 1
Name Value Qty
Frontier, Conquest... 25 2
Grasping Fortune 30 2
Homilies of Blessed Almalexia 25 1
Invocation of Azura 50 4
Legions of the Dead free 5
Lives of the Saints 25 11
Mixed Unit Tactics v1 25 5
Mysterious Akavir 50 4
N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! 200 1
On Oblivion 40 6
Origin of the Mages Guild 25 1
Overview of Gods and Worship 50 5
Progress of Truth 150 1
Reflections on Cult Worship 25 11
Saryoni's Sermons 50 4
Spirit of Nirn, God of Mortals 40 1
The Annotated Anuad 50 15
The Anticipations 50 2
The Arcturian Heresy 25 6
The Book of Daedra 45 5
The Book of Dawn and Dusk 25 2
The Brothers of Darkness 100 1
Name Value Qty
The Cantatas of Vivec 50 4
The Changed Ones 50 6
The Consolations of Prayer 25 8
The Doors of the Spirit 50 1
The Eastern Provinces... 50 5
The Firmament 40 4
The House of Troubles 50 14
The Madness of Pelagius 20 1
The Monomyth 30 1
The Old Ways 40 2
The Pilgrim's Path 25 6
The Real Barenziah v I 20 4
The Real Barenziah v II 20 2
The Real Barenziah v III 20 3
The Real Barenziah v IV 20 2
The Real Barenziah v V 20 2
The Wild Elves 35 1
The Yellow Book of Riddles 30 1
Vampires of Vvardenfell, v II 400 1
Vivec and Mephala 40 3
Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi 40 2