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Morrowind:Vivec (city)

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Alignment: Various
Region: Ascadian Isles

Almsivi Intervention:

  • Vivec

Divine Intervention:


Guild Guide:

Silt Strider:

View of the High Fane
Arena Canton
The main land entrance to Vivec, the 'Foreign Quarter' canton
  1. REDIRECT Lore:Cidade de Vivec

Getting there & around

Foot bridges connect with the mainland between the Ebonheart peninsula and the Hlaalu Compound, between the north bay region and the Foreign Quarter, and between the east bay region and the Telvanni Compound. Roads lead from the Hlaalu Compound bridge south to Ebonheart and north to Seyda Neen, from the Foreign Quarter bridge west towards Seyda Neen, north towards Suran and the Ascadian Isles, and east towards Molag Mar. Roads from the Telvanni Compound bridge are useful mostly for travelers to Molag Mar. The Silt Strider port at the north end offers fast-travel to Balmora, Molag Mar, Seyda Neen and Suran. A small harbor with connections to Ebonheart, Hla Oad, Molag Mar and Tel Branora is located north of the Foreign Quarter as well.

Mages Guild transport is located on the Plaza level of the Foreign Quarter.

Small gondolas provide short-distance fast-travel within the city.


In Vivec, you have access to all possible services. For more information, see each canton's individual services page.

Related Quests

Quests related to any of the cantons are listed in the canton's pages above. More general quests related to Vivec are listed below:

Main Quest




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