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SR-icon-spell-Light.png Light
School Alteration
Type Other
ID 0001ea6d
Base Cost 2
Items Weapons

Light allows the spellcaster to illuminate an area. It comes in two versions:

  • Candlelight: Creates a hovering light that lasts for <dur> seconds.
    • The light hovers above the caster, even as the caster moves around.
    • It can be used outdoors at night to attract insects for use as alchemical ingredients.
  • Magelight: Ball of light that lasts <dur> seconds and sticks where it strikes.
    • It can be stuck to NPCs and creatures in addition to walls. This can turn NPCs hostile.
    • It can be used to set off floor traps and magical wards.


The following item uses this effect but cannot be disenchanted:


The following spells use the Light group of effects. Following each spell is the specific variant of the effect that it uses:


  • The Light spells in Skyrim are Alteration spells, whereas the Light spell in Oblivion was an Illusion spell. The latter spell also created a more diffuse light.
  • Light spells can be cast anywhere at anytime and will still give Alteration Skill XP (though Magelight must be cast at a target or surface; casting into the sky will not increase experience). This can be useful when travelling long distances without fast travel, as the player can cast Light spells over and over again to level Alteration during their journey. Dual-casting light spells speeds up the process.

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