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Skyrim:Waterbreathing (effect)

Skyrim: Magic: Magical Effects
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Waterbreathing
School Alteration
Type Defensive
ID 0003ac2d
Base Cost 30
Base Mag 0
Base Dur 5
ID 00092a48
Base Cost 100
Items Head, Neck, Finger
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Built-In Potions

Alchemy description: Can breathe underwater for <dur> seconds.
Enchanting description: Can swim underwater without drowning.
Waterbreathing gives the target the ability to breathe under water for the duration of the effect. Argonians naturally possess this ability.


The following alchemy ingredients can be used to create a potion of Waterbreathing:


The following items use this effect. You can learn how to enchant custom items with Waterbreathing if you find one of the following items and disenchant it:

Artifacts and unique items that use the effect but cannot be disenchanted include:

There is no difference in effect strength or item cost resulting from using stronger or weaker souls to enchant an item with Waterbreathing. A petty soul will yield the same result as grand. This makes the Waterbreathing enchantment an extremely profitable enchantment for those looking to earn money in Skyrim. Cheap items of jewelry can be converted into valuable artifacts simply by applying the Waterbreathing enchantment using a petty soul gem.

This enchantment can be applied to rings, amulets, circlets and helmets.


The only spell with this effect is:



  • The probability of finding a disenchantable item of Waterbreathing is extremely low. Because it is a "fixed" effect that does not scale with your level, the probability of finding one is further reduced as your character advances in level. This is due to the fact that items with "more valuable" enchantments are given increasingly dominant odds. Furthermore, there are no guaranteed locations for disenchantable items of Waterbreathing in the original version of the game. It can only be found via merchants or random loot. ?
    • You can use the Atronach Forge to obtain a random enchanted piece of daedric armor, which has an equal chance of being a Daedric Helmet of Waterbreathing as any other daedric armor. Since it is random, make sure to save before activating the forge if you want to get that specific item.
    • Pc22.png You may manually add such an item via the console.
  • Even though Argonians have Waterbreathing as a constant effect, they still take a breath after surfacing from water.