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SR-icon-spell-Light.png Candlelight
School Alteration Difficulty Novice
Type Defensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Self Equip Either Hand
Spell ID 00043324 Editor ID Candlelight
Base Cost 21 Charge Time 0.5
Duration 60 Range 0
Magnitude 5 Area 450 ft
Tome ID 0009e2a7 Tome Value 44
Appears in random loot at level 1+
Creates a hovering light that lasts for 60 seconds.

Candlelight is a novice level Alteration spell that creates a floating ball of light that hovers around the caster for 60 seconds.




  • Stability and Alteration Dual Casting perk effects stack rendering its duration to 198 secs, if cast with both hands.
  • Understandably not recommended for stealth. Magelight may be preferable in these situations as it doesn't constantly reveal your location.
  • NPCs will comment on the light if you approach them with it active.