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Skyrim: People
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Home City Whiterun
Location Dragonsreach
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Level PC×0.8 (range=10-30) Class Nightblade
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Other Information
Health 50+(PC-1.2)×6.7
Magicka 50+(PC-1.2)×2.7
Stamina 50+(PC-1.2)×2.7
Primary Skills Destruction, Sneak, Alteration, One-handed
Perks Augmented Shock (rank 1); Bladesman (rank 1); Custom Fit; Fighting Stance; IrilethVsDragons; Magic Resistance (rank 1)
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Aggressive
Essential Yes
Faction(s) CrimeFactionWhiterun; DragonsreachOccupants; Imperial Government; Ruling Government; TownWhiterunFaction

Irileth is a Dunmer nightblade who serves as housecarl to Jarl Balgruuf the Greater of Whiterun, and remains by his side at all times within Dragonsreach.

Irileth accompanies the character to the Western Watchtower, where they slay Mirmulnir. She gives several speeches along the way to motivate her contingent of guards. She is essential, and is quite useful in the fight.

Irileth wears a custom set of leather armor, along with a matching pair of bracers and boots. She fights with a Steel Sword of Cold. When attacking at range, she uses steel arrows and an elven bow, regardless of character level. She also makes frequent use of Destruction magic, namely Shock spells.

Although it is highly uncommon for a Dunmer to serve as housecarl in Skyrim, Irileth and Balgruuf fought in many battles together when they were younger. When Balgruuf was named as Jarl of Whiterun, she demanded that she be his housecarl, on account of their long-forged battle-bond. As a rule, Irileth appears to be highly distrustful of the main character, regardless of events that may take place, though after killing Mirmulnir and being declared Dragonborn she will tell the main character that she's happy that the Dragonborn is on their side, as well as saying that you are a welcome guest, but must still respect the rules of the household, once you obtain the Jarl's favor.


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Irileth may be seen talking with Jarl Balgruuf about his security:
Irileth: "Balgruuf, did you slip out again last night for a drink at the Bannered Mare?"
Jarl Balgruuf the Greater: "Heard about that, did you? Yes, I went out for a pint or two. What of it?"
Irileth: "These secret visits to the tavern will make you an easy target for an enemy assassin. You should have told me first."
Jarl Balgruuf the Greater: "Damn it, woman, I'm the Jarl of Whiterun! I won't apologize for talking to my people. You can't protect me every moment of the day."
Irileth: "That might be so, but it will never stop me from trying."


  • Irileth's Aggression value may become set to 1 for no apparent reason, causing her, and any nearby NPCs, to attack you on sight.
    • Commit a minor crime, such as assaulting a guard, then clear your bounty. This will cause them to stop attacking you, even in the middle of combat.
    • Pc22.pngBefore she turns hostile, open the console and select her, either by clicking on her or entering the code prid 1a67f, then enter the code setav aggression 0. This will prevent her from turning hostile. Note that this will not work after she starts attacking you.
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