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Skyrim: People
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Este artigo é sobre hunters in the original version of the game. Para hunters in the Dragonborn expansion, veja Hunter.

Race (?) Gender Radiant
Level (?) Class (?)
RefID N/A BaseID
Other Information
Respawns Yes
Faction(s) Prisoners Faction
A hunter
A hunter fires an arrow at a fugitive

Hunters are friendly humans who can be found in the wild, stalking and attacking wildlife such as elk. They will also help kill any wildlife you are attacking. They traverse the wilds alone or in small groups, sometimes accompanied by dogs. Hunters are automatically aggressive to most wildlife and will attempt to kill them.

They carry a hunting bow and some iron arrows, and can usually be traded with.

They share dialogue with generic fishermen:

"I've been hunting and fishing in these parts for years."
"It's not like my poaching is hurting anyone. The Jarl can hardly eat every deer now can he?"
"There's enough for all of us if you aren't greedy."

When traveling the wilderness, occasionally a fugitive can be seen being pursued by a hunter. The fugitive will approach you and give you an item (usually rare and enchanted). Moments later, the hunter will come by and ask which way the fugitive went. You can either tell the truth, lie, or give him the item. After the conversation, the hunter will most likely find the fugitive and kill him.

The hunter will ask you, "Did you see someone run past just now?" Pointing to the fugitive will have him reply, "Great! Thanks! Bastard stole from me. I'll catch him though!" When you ask if the item is his, he will be confused, but thankful still: "Yes! How'd you get this? Never mind, here. It's not much, but its [sic] something. I'm going to track down that thief and murder him!" If you deny that you saw someone, he will say, "Well, if you do, grab him and yell. Bastard stole from me." Whichever your answer was, he will continue his chase.


  • Hunters will turn on your horse. When ridden, the hunters show no interest in the horse, but will attack the horse the moment you dismount. Care should be taken when dismounting a horse in the wild near hunters to avoid this issue.
  • Some hunters can be found at unmarked camps at which you may trade. Sometimes, the camp will be empty (for whatever reason), and you can find a horse to ride there. ?
  • Some hunters are infected with lycanthropy, and change into werewolves when you encounter them at night. They become hostile and attack when in werewolf form. Even if you are a werewolf when you encounter them, they will still become hostile. (In fact they will shout "Kill the beast!" or a similar line, shoot an arrow or two at you, and then transform into a werewolf and finish the battle that way.) ?
  • You can buy from hunters, your money will be reduced normally and you get the item, but when selling to them your item will disappear and you will get no money.
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