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Skyrim:Bloated Man's Grotto

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Bloated Man's Grotto
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# of Zones 1
Sinding, Spriggans, Bears, Animals
Important Treasure
Bolar's Oathblade, Bolar's Writ, Savior's Hide
Console Location Code(s)
Falkreath Hold
West of Riverwood
North of Falkreath
Bloated Man's Grotto

Bloated Man's Grotto is a small cave inhabited by Spriggans and Cave Bears.

The grotto during the quest

It is located west of Riverwood and north of Falkreath a short distance south, off the main road from Whiterun to Markarth.

During the related quest the inhabitants are replaced by Sinding and a host of hunters, when he tries to use it as a sanctuary himself after escaping from Falkreath jail.

Bloated Man's Grotto People

Bloated Man's Grotto
Batum gra-Bar
Torkild the Fearsome
Yar gro-Gatuk

* All of these hunters only appear during the related quest to hunt the werewolf Sinding.

Related Quests



The path leading to the entrance is marked by a pile of stones with human bones and a skull lying on them. There are many tundra cotton, red, blue and purple mountain flowers growing along it. There is a fly amanita fungus to the right of the entrance and a white cap fungus to the left.

Bloated Man's Grotto

The entrance leads into a natural tunnel with torches on the walls lighting the way, as it descends to the northwest. There is vegetation all along the passage. At the bottom it opens out into an idyllic grotto with trees and plants, waterfalls and flowers, rabbits, butterflies during the day and luna moths and torchbugs in the evening and at night all living and growing sheltered from the outside world. It consists of a single path that winds around the perimeter of a large vale. There are two cave bears ahead in a clearing, which will prove challenging to low level characters. On your right is a ledge against the southeast wall with a dead tree stump hiding an apprentice-locked chest. To the east is a small pool being fed by a low waterfall. Under the water is an unlocked wooden chest and two Nordic barnacles.

A path continues to the north in front of the pool and passes between ledges on either side. Above you a fallen tree spans the ledges over the path. Many of the rocks have hanging moss growing from them. Ahead is a leveled animal and hiding behind a tree stump on the left a spriggan. You may also see a leveled animal high on a rock ahead, (it is in the same place as you first see Sinding during the quest). The ledges on either side can be climbed in several places and additional mountain flowers and butterflies can be found. To the right of the first spriggan is a stone flight of stairs. To the right of these stairs it is possible to climb the rocks until you reach a small pool few by another waterfall. Cross the rocks and head northwest to find a gold ore vein.

Shrine of Talos with Bolar's Oathblade

The path continues to the west and climbs a second flight of stairs before passing under an arch and into the remains of and old fort-like structure. In the center is an altar with a shrine of Talos, an empty random soul gem, a random potion of healing, and a random potion of stamina on top. Behind this, in front of a statue of Talos is Bolar's writ and Bolar's Oathblade an enchanted blades sword. There are many more hanging moss growing from the walls around this place and at the rear amongst some rubble is an unlocked chest. Climbing the rocks here it is possible to cross the walls above the arches and head west staying as high as possible. At the end of the rocks is a hawk's nest with a hawk flying circles and then landing. A second nest and hawk are to the south of the arches on top of the rocks. Each of these can be harvested for a hawk beak and three hawk feathers. To the west you pass under another arch and descend a short flight of stairs.

The grotto's inhabitants

At the bottom is a clearing with a spriggan hiding against the tree stump on the right and a second spriggan hiding by another tree stump ahead on the left. They will have a leveled animal with them. Once passed these the path turns to the south and in another clearing is another leveled animal. The path continues across a stream. The path passes under another fallen tree and turns southeast. The next clearing has a spriggan hiding against a tree trunk with a leveled animal standing over the corpse of a deer in the center of the clearing. Climb the rocks to the east of this clearing to locate a master-locked chest between two taller rocks. From the clearing with the dead deer in the middle, the path continues to the east and eventually returns to the entrance.

Bloated Man's Grotto is also used as a sanctuary of Sinding during the quest Ill Met By Moonlight. During this quest, the grotto's appearance changes drastically. It becomes much darker, with a huge, red full moon dominating the sky. The shrine, Oathblade, and writ are removed, and the bears and spriggans are replaced by a variety of hunters.

Throughout the interior of the grotto there are many plants, flowers and fungi that can be harvested. Please treat the following as minimums:

  • 2 Blue Mountain Flowers
  • 45 Hanging Moss
  • 3 Mora Tapinella
  • 2 Nordic Barnacles
  • 5 Purple Mountain Flowers
  • 5 Red Mountain Flowers
The campsite used by Hircine's hunters

Upon entering during the related quest you will find an encampment in the first clearing where J'Kier sits dying. Around the camp Batum gra-Bar, Ma'tasarr and Hoddreid already lay dead among two small tents containing bed rolls and two other bed rolls by a campfire. These latter two are still usable. The path to the northwest is blocked by broken tree trunks. Following the path past the pool and continuing onward Sinding will spot you from atop a rock high above. You can decide to spare him or kill him. As you continue up the stairs you will find bone chimes hanging from the arches. Regardless of your choice Sinding will run off to the west and start killing with or without you. As you descend the stairs Rissing will attack, shortly followed by Tsrasuna. In the next clearing you will find Torkild the Fearsome, Yar gro-Gatuk and Eriana, who will attack in unison. Across the stream and around to the next clearing to find Heratar, Ra'kheran and Ahjisi who will also make quite a combination.


  • If you wish to acquire the Oathblade and/or mark this location as "cleared", and let Sinding live here in peace, you must visit the location before the related quest, because it won't return to its non-quest version without killing Sinding.
    •   The grotto can be reverted to its non-quest form during Ill Met By Moonlight by opening the console and entering the codes prid 95586 and disable.
  • Entering the grotto when directed by the quest Ill Met By Moonlight will result in the time being set to 11pm upon entering, unless you enter the grotto between 7pm and 2am.


  • Killing everything in the grotto during Ill Met By Moonlight will not cause the grotto to be marked as cleared.
    • Returning to the grotto after it reverts back to its non-quest form and killing the bears and spriggans that inhabit it will result in it being labeled as cleared.