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A Crystal Chest

Crystal Chests are pearly white containers with unique engravings that are scattered throughout the Shivering Isles in various fixed locations, including a few inside specific ruins. They are usually concealed within a cluster of Order crystals.

Attempting to open a chest will produce the message "You are unable to unlock this chest. It needs a special key." unless you have a Heart of Order, obtainable from any Knight of Order or Priest of Order corpse.

There are 38 chests in total but 23 of those are associated with Obelisks of Order, and act as the treasure source for the obelisk once it has been deactivated. Of those chests, 21 are buried underground and cannot be accessed without using the Console. The remaining 17 chests all lie above ground:


The locations of the accessible chests can be seen on the SI map, and are also listed here:




  • In the Xiditte zone Catacombs, in the secret room.
  • In the final zone of Xeddefen near the main power Obelisk. †
  • Brellach, Hall of Honor, in the room sealed by crystals. §
  • Pinnacle Rock, Hall of Honor, in the room sealed by crystals. §
  • Brellach, Hall of Devotion, on a ledge in the long gallery. ‡
  • Pinnacle Rock, Hall of Devotion, on a ledge in the long gallery. ‡

† These chests are associated with obelisks, but lie above ground. If the linked obelisk has been emptied, the chest will also be empty
§ and ‡ Only one of each of these two pairs of chests can be accessed (during the Helpless Army quest), depending on your choice of Mania or Dementia.


The chests can contain a wide range of treasure, from the mundane to the exceptional. All the items are leveled and most of them have only a small chance of appearing. Once a chest has been emptied, it does not respawn.

Treasure Type Chance Notes
Soul Gem 100% May be either empty or filled
Healing Potion 50% Includes cure disease. Can be a Strong Potion of Healing at level 9+
Gold 50% 1-10 gold at all levels
Gold 25% Up to 745 at level 30+
Apparatus 25% May be master quality at level 17+
Scroll 25% The highest-quality scrolls appear at level 21+
Melee Weapon 25% Equal chance of blade or blunt. 25% of being enchanted at level 3; 40% at level 6; 60% at level 9
Armor 10% Best (glass/daedric) at level 20+
Enchanted Armor 10% The best items come at level 22+, but may still include enchanted clothes
Jewelry 10% Unenchanted - best can come at level 16+
Potion 10% The highest-quality potions appear at level 17+
Repair Hammer 10%
5-8 Enchanted Arrows 7.5% Only appear at level 3+; best quality comes at level 22+