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Shivering:Heart of Order

Shivering Isles: Alchemy / Items: Ingredients
Heart of Order
Heart of Order
Value 20 Weight 1.0
Alchemy Effects
1st Jyggalag's Favor (Script Effect)
# Samples 1
Creature Knights of Order

Hearts of Order are found on the corpses of most Knights of Order. Placing three Hearts of Order into an Obelisk will deactivate the obelisk (but only if the Priest of Order controlling the obelisk is unconscious when the third Heart of Order is added to the Obelisk). Hearts of Order can also be used as a key to open the Crystal Chests associated with the Forces of Order.

Jyggalag's Favor is the name of the ingredient's script, the effect of which is to give the player the Jyggalag's Ascendancy ability (FormID 0004B083). The name that will appear in your active effects menu is Jyggalag's Ascendancy.

Eating more than one Heart of Order within fifteen seconds is not recommended, as the second heart restarts the script effect and doesn't add to an existing one. For instance, if you eat a second heart one second after eating the first, you will only receive 16 seconds of Fortify Health and Fortify Strength in total, not 30 seconds, although your health will be restored by the full 120 points.

Using Alchemy Hearts of Order can be combined with any other special effect ingredient to create a potion. (See other special effect.)


1 guaranteed sample can be found, in the following location: