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Conditions inside in the Red Mountain region
Odrosal, one of the Citadels
Dagoth Ur with the lava pools
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Map of Red Mountain
Red Mountain Weather Table
Clear 0% Thunder 0%
Cloudy 0% Foggy 0%
Ash 0% Blight 100%
Overcast 0% Rain 0%
Snow 0% Blizzard 0%

Red Mountain goes by many names. It is Sahqo-Strunmah in the Dragon Language. It is sometimes called the Red Tower, as well as Dagoth-Ur. The mountain is a vast volcano that dominates the island of Vvardenfell in Morrowind. The island was actually named after the volcano: the original name of Red Mountain was Vvardenfell, which translates to "City of the Strong Shield" in Dwemeri . It is a small continent all to itself, riven from the rest of Morrowind by the remains of a colossal crater. On a clear day, its peak can be seen from the city of Almalexia, 250 miles to the south. Red Mountain truly dominates Dunmer life, reaching far beyond its immediate surroundings. It is generally considered to be the most dangerous region on the continent. In this wasteland of deep ravines, so-called Foyada, and lava pools, blighted monsters run free and the minions of Dagoth Ur, so-called ash creatures roam the land. Entrance to Red Mountain is limited: around the perimeter of Red Mountain the Tribunal constructed the Ghostfence (~ 3E 400 - 3E 417), a giant Spirit Wall. The only way inside without extended jump or levitation is through Ghostgate in the south. This region can be marked by the steep climbs to the top of the mountain and by the Ash Storms that fill the air and limit visibility to a few feet. Travelers new to Morrowind should be wary of this region, and anyone entering should proceed with caution.

Since the loss of the Dwemer Artifacts (~ 3E 414), Sunder and Keening, few have ventured inside the Ghostfence. Red Mountain is almost entirely uncharted, and one will not find any accurate, up-to-date maps or terrain guides anywhere. It is known, however, that there are four ancient Dwemer Citadels in the region, three of which are residences for Dagoth Ur's most trusted ash vampires; the other being the headquarters of Dagoth Ur himself. Even though this area is extremely dangerous, Glass and Ebony mines have been set up inside the Ghostfence under Imperial guard.

During the Imperial Simulacrum, Jagar Tharn used the Dwarven mines beneath the mountain as a hiding place for a piece of the shattered Staff of Chaos. The Eternal Champion discovered the entrance to the mines by striking the Hammer of Gharen against the Anvil of Mithas to produce a ringing which would reveal its location. The hero retrieved the piece, completing the Staff, only to discover that Tharn had drained its power into the Jewel of Fire.

The Foyada Mamaea leads from Ghostgate to the Moonmoth Legion Fort near Balmora, and an unnamed foyada follows the Ghostfence northwest to Ald'ruhn. Just north of the Ghostfence is the lost Dunmer fortress of the Sixth House, Kogoruhn. There is a secret entrance that links this structure with Red Mountain proper. This entrance, however, is long-winded and you will face many ash creatures in the caves of Kogoruhn. Ghostgate has many supplies and information, so new players are more likely to survive by using Ghostgate.

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A list of quests that take place in, or are related to the Red Mountain region, Vvardenfell, Morrowind.

Main Quest

Tribunal Temple


Overview and major locations in Red Mountain


A list of places found in the Red Mountain region, Vvardenfell, Morrowind.

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  • Foyada Ashur-Dan — The hardened lava river from the crater of Red Mountain into the Molag Amur region. (map)
  • Foyada Mamaea — The hardened lava river that runs from Ghostgate past Balmora all the way to Hla Oad. (map)
  • Foyada Esannudan — The short hardened lava river between Foyada Mamaea and Foyada Ashur-Dan. (map) -- The short hardened lava river leading from Ghostgate to the crater citadels of Red Mountain.

Holy Grounds



Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Llavelea Nelvani Female&F Dunmer Crusader 11 113 102 0 80 [1,8]