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Eternal Champion
Raça Unknown Gênero Male[1]
Nascimento 3E 370
Residência Tamriel
Aparece em Arena

The Eternal Champion, born in 3E 370,[2] was a mysterious hero who was credited with killing the imposter Jagar Tharn and saving the true emperor, Uriel Septim VII, along with the general of the Imperial Legion, Warhaft,[nb 1] from Oblivion in 3E 399, thus ending the Imperial Simulacrum. The mysterious hero was then given the title of "Eternal Champion" by the emperor himself. He was also credited with obtaining several Aedric, Daedric, and mortal-made artifacts.[3]


Little is known about the Champion, who was originally just a minor part of the Imperial Court.[4] His father fought in a battle at Borim Valley, and he had a great-aunt and a great-uncle who each lived in separate villages close to the Champion's home village. During his childhood he worked at the stables of his home village and was taught how to fight by Armsmaster Festil, an elderly warrior.[5] He became friends with Ria Silmane after he had summoned her to the Imperial Court so that he could learn the ways of sorcery.[1]

After Silmane's death at the hands of Tharn, the Champion was thrown in a cell deep within the Imperial Dungeons, left to die. Using what little of her lifeforce remained, Silmane contacted the Champion from between the mortal world and the afterlife and guided him to freedom, before tasking him with reassembling the Staff of Chaos and rescuing Uriel VII. With Silmane's assistance, the Champion journeyed to Fang Lair, Labyrinthian, the Elden Grove, the Halls of Colossus, the Crystal Tower, the Crypt of Hearts, Murkwood, and Red Mountain on a quest that spanned the entirety of Tamriel, before ultimately descending into the depths of the Imperial Palace to face Tharn. After being appointed as the Eternal Champion, the hero took his place at the emperor's side and was tasked with seeing to the needs of the Empire.[3]

The Eternal Champion became somewhat of a culture hero to Imperial Loyalists, many of whom retrace the Champion's steps as part of a pilgrimage.[6]


  • 1 
    In the Floppy Disk releases of Arena, Warhaft is shown leaving Oblivion with Uriel VII, and thanks the Champion for his service. In the CD-ROM releases of Arena, only Uriel VII is seen leaving Oblivion, with no mention of Warhaft whatsoever.
  • In the Arena Manual, the Eternal Champion is called Talin.