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Lore:Uriel Septim VII

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Emperor Uriel Septim VII
Emperor Uriel Septim VII shortly before his death (Oblivion)
Raça Imperial Gênero Male
Nascimento 3E 346
Morte 3E 433
Imperial City
Reinado 3E 368-
3E 433
Antecessor Pelagius Septim IV
Sucessor Martin Septim
Residência Imperial City
Aparece em Arena, Daggerfall, Oblivion, Oblivion Mobile

Uriel Septim VII (3E 346433), son of Pelagius IV, was the twenty-first emperor of the Third Empire and Septim Dynasty, reigning during 3E 368433. During his rule he had three legitimate sons with Empress Caula Voria: Crown Prince Geldall, Prince Enman and Prince Ebel.[1] Uriel VII also had a bastard son named Calaxes Septim, with an unknown woman, who was given the Archbishopric of the Temple of the One, but was assassinated in 3E 398 for trying to establish a theocracy.[2]

When Pelagius IV died in 3E 368 after an astonishing twenty-nine year reign, Tamriel was closer to unity than it had been since the days of Uriel I. His son, Uriel VII, succeeded him. He had the diligence of his grand-aunt Morihatha, the political skill of his grand-uncle Uriel VI, and the military prowess of his great-grandfather Uriel V. For sixty-five years he reigned and brought justice and order to Tamriel.[3]

Uriel VII was betrayed by the Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn in 3E 389 and was imprisoned in a dimension of Tharn's choosing, that of which being Oblivion.[4] Tharn used his magic of illusion to assume the Emperor's aspect. For the next ten years, Tharn used Imperial privileges, but did not continue Uriel VII's schedule of reconquest. It is not entirely known what Tharn's goals and personal accomplishments were during the ten years he imitated his liege lord. During Uriel VII's incarceration, Tharn slowed time so that Uriel VII would not age, because if he died the Amulet of Kings would alert the Elder Council; this may explain why Uriel VII lived and ruled for such a long period of time.

Tharn was eventually defeated in 3E 399 by the Eternal Champion, who freed Uriel VII from his other-dimensional cell.[5] After his release, Uriel VII worked diligently to renew the battle to reunite Tamriel. Tharn's interference broke the momentum, but the following years proved that the lauded golden age of Tiber Septim could return to Tamriel once more.

On the 27th of Last Seed, 3E 433, the three heirs of Uriel VII were assassinated by the Mythic Dawn, a Daedric Cult. Shortly afterward, the Mythic Dawn assassinated Uriel VII himself.[6][7] This left only an illegitimate son of Uriel VII named Martin Septim to claim the throne.[7]


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