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Aparece em Daggerfall, Skyrim, ESO


Aetherius, the Immortal Plane,[1] is thought to be the origin of all magic and arcane arts.[2][3][4] The stars and the sun are thought to be holes into Aetherius left by spirits (notably Magnus) who long ago became dissatisfied with Mundus.[2] It is a common belief that the soul of a dead person, assuming they are not earthbound for some reason, goes to Aetherius, to continue on as a spirit.[5]

Aetherius, much like Oblivion, consists of a multitude of realms which serve different purposes, except they are all "of everlasting imperfection".[6][7][4] For Nords, their chosen place in Aetherius is Sovngarde, the Hall of Valor.[8] The Redguards have a different place in Aetherius, called the Far Shores,[4] as do the Khajiit, a realm known as the Sands Behind the Stars.[9] These locations are not necessarily exclusive to those particular races, but may depend on an individual's beliefs and the manner of their death. For instance, High King Emeric was (temporarily) killed in the Chamber of Passage in the Hall of Heroes; his soul was drawn through a nearby passage to the Far Shores, despite his being a Breton.[10]

Some souls do not stay in Aetherius, but enter the so-called Dreamsleeve to be recycled.[11][12][OOG 1] Others become servants to the Daedra in Oblivion.[13][14] Aetherius is thought by many to be the home of the Aedric spirits,[15] though very little is actually known as travel to Aetherius is extremely rare.[6] The Magna Ge, or "Star Orphans", who fled Mundus before Convention and created the stars, reside here.[OOG 2][OOG 3] The Mantellan Crux is a self-contained part of Mundus that was blasted into Aetherius by Zurin Arctus, who used it as a hiding place for the Mantella.


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