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Skyrim:Silent Ruin

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Dwarven Ruin:
Silent Ruin
# of Zones 1
Important Treasure
Console Location Code(s)
Northern end of Blackreach
Silent Ruin

Silent Ruin is a small abandoned Dwarven ruin found in Blackreach. This ruin has no occupants at all, but you do still need to keep an eye out for traps.

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Outside the building against the northeast corner is a large brass pipe with a crimson nirnroot plant beside it. A path north of the building leads down to a Falmer camp with two tents and two Falmer. Several dead salmon hang from a rack next to the tents. There is a geode vein just north of the two tents.

Silent Ruin

The entrance is on the southwest side of the building and is unlocked. It leads into a single room with a short flight of stairs leading down to the main floor. Two huge stone pillars to the northeast and southwest support a very high roof. Opposite the entrance is a throne on a slightly raised platform. On the seat of the throne is a copy of the Block skill book Warrior, however care is needed, as there is a pressure plate in front of the throne that triggers a spinning blade trap. To the right of the throne is a crimson nirnroot plant in a large metal urn. Finally in the northwest corner there is a Dwemer metal dresser against the west wall holding various small Dwemer items and to the right, against the north wall is an unlocked chest.


Followers may not follow you into the building.