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Nimhe (RefID: )
Location Nchuand-Zel Excavation Site
Species Frostbite Spider Soul Lesser
Level Radiant (1-14) Type Monsters
RefID BaseID
Other Information
Health 15-380 Magicka 4
Stamina 25-315
Primary Skills Archery, One-handed, Sneak, Block
Faction(s) Creature Faction; Predator Faction; Spiders

Nimhe is a giant frostbite spider living in Nchuand-Zel, an ancient Dwemer castle located deep within a mountain behind Understone Keep in the city of Markarth.

According to Calcelmo, who has been placed in charge of curating artifacts recovered from Nchuand-Zel, his workers had come to regard the giant frostbite spider as such a significant threat that they decided to name her "Nimhe", which translates as "The Poisoned One". She spends her time waiting in ambush in a large hole in the Excavation Site ceiling just before the entrance to Nchuand-Zel. The corpse of Alethius that lies near her lair is clear evidence of the challenge Nimhe has been presenting to Calcelmo and his workers.

Related Quests


  • Nimhe can be encountered before acquiring the related quest from Calcelmo by picking the lock on the excavation site door.
  • "Nimhe" is Irish for "poisonous".


  • Nimhe respawns, despite being a unique creature.