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This page lists all the cities in Skyrim. Each city is located in a different hold, and is home to that hold's ruler, or jarl. The five largest cities (major cities) are walled, allowing their maps (or cells as they are called in the Creation Kit) to be treated separately from the main map. Carriages are available for hire outside each major city to transport the player to any other city.

Fast traveling to a major city places you just inside its main gate, but each such city also has a keep or palace where the jarl resides, which is a separate fast-travel destination and is listed below. Additionally, Riften has a third fast-travel destination once you have joined the Thieves Guild, namely the entrance to its headquarters.

Major Cities

  Markarth — A major city located in the Reach, near the border of High Rock. (map)
  Understone Keep — An ancient Dwarven keep built into the mountainside, used as a palace by the Jarl of Markarth. (map)
  Riften — A major city located in the southeastern corner of the Rift. (map)
  Mistveil Keep — A castle located at the southern end of Riften. (map)
  Thieves Guild — The headquarters of the Thieves Guild located with the sewers beneath Riften, known as The Ratway. (map)
  Solitude — A major city located on the northwestern coast of Skyrim, and the capital of the province. (map)
  Blue Palace — The current seat of power for Solitude, Haafingar, and Skyrim; and home to the High King of Skyrim. (map)
  Whiterun — A major city located in the center of Skyrim, near the Throat of the World. (map)
  Dragonsreach — The residence of the jarl of Whiterun Hold, the hold's seat of political power, and the location of the hold's jail. (map)
  Windhelm — A major city in Eastmarch, located near the Dunmeth Pass to Morrowind in northeastern Skyrim. (map)
  Palace of the Kings — A large castle at the far end of the Valunstrad district in Windhelm. (map)

Other Cities

  Dawnstar — A city on the northern coast of Skyrim, and the capital of the Pale. (map)
  Falkreath — A city in Falkreath Hold, located near the Cyrodilic border. (map)
  Morthal — A city located in Hjaalmarch. (map)
  Winterhold — A city located on the northeastern tip of Skyrim. (map)