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Whiterun carriage driver Bjorlam: "Need a ride?"

There are multiple methods of transport in Skyrim.

Walking, Running, Strafing and Sprinting

Walking is the slowest speed at which you will normally move. To walk, use the movement control appropriate for your platform. You cannot move faster than at a walking pace while you are overencumbered.

You will generally spend most of your time moving at a moderate run; running uses no stamina. You can also strafe or sidestep using the left or right "move" commands.

Sprint by holding the sprint control key. Sprinting is significantly faster than running. As it consumes stamina, you can only sprint for a limited distance. You will generally exhaust your stamina more quickly when sprinting in heavy armor or when wielding a heavy weapon.

Walking or running backwards is slower than going forwards, and you cannot sprint backwards or sideways.

Movement Speeds by Method and Conditions

Movement type Forward Speed Backward Speed
Raw F/sec Raw F/sec
Swim "walking"
80 3.8 72 3.3
Swim "running"
Bow drawn running with Ranger perk
Block running with Block Runner perk
370 17.3 205 9.6
Sprinting 500 23.4 - -
Sneak walking 47 2.2 43 2.0
Sneak running 222 10.4 150 7.0
Bow drawn walking 120 5.6 65 3.0
Bow drawn running 135 6.3 98 4.6
Blocking 81 3.8 71 3.3
Horse walking 125 5.9 108 5.1
Horse running 450 21.1 108 5.1
Horse sprinting 600 28.1 - -
Horse swimming 210 9.8 - -
Werewolf walking 70 3.3 70 3.3
Werewolf running 400 18.8 400 18.8
Werewolf sprinting 531 24.9 - -
Vampire LordDG walking 70 3.3 70 3.3
Vampire Lord running 400 18.8 400 18.8
Vampire Lord sprinting 600 28.1 - -


Also see information on falling, which can hurt or kill you.


Sneaking is another mode of movement, information on which is located here.

Horse Riding

You can travel much faster on horseback than on foot. You can also ride a horse while overencumbered for normal or fast travel. For complete information see Horses.


Carriages will carry you between the nine capital cities of each hold in Skyrim for 20-50 gold. They are the fastest means to get to cities which you have not yet discovered.

The fare to the five larger hold capitals of Markarth, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, and Windhelm costs 20 gold, whereas going to the four smaller hold capitals of Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal, and Winterhold costs 50 gold.

With the Hearthfire add-on, homestead carriages also provide transport from the three homesteads to Darkwater Crossing, Dragon Bridge, Ivarstead, Karthwasten, Kynesgrove, Old Hroldan Inn, Riverwood, Rorikstead, Shor's Stone, and Stonehills. There is no charge for these services.

When first arriving at one of the five major hold capitals, you can speak with the carriage operator for some local information. Carriages will not operate when you are overencumbered.

The carriage drivers are:


Three ferrymen added by the Dawnguard add-on can transport you among three coastal cities for 50 gold, and to Icewater Jetty for 500 gold. You can also take a self-service ferry between Icewater Jetty and Volkihar Keep.

Fast Travel

You can fast travel from any exterior location to any location marked on your in-game map and which you have discovered (visited). Discovered locations are indicated on your map or compass with light-colored markers. Although fast travel transports you "instantly", a more "realistic" amount of game time will have passed upon arrival; however, such elapsed travel times are the same whether on foot or horseback.

You cannot fast travel when near any hostile enemies, when overencumbered, nor when falling or jumping. Dark-colored markers, on the other hand, are places you have had marked on your map but have not yet discovered yourself, and therefore are not available for fast travel.

With the Dragonborn expansion, fast travelling while riding a dragon transports you almost instantly in game time.