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Skyrim:Aetherial Shield

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Artifact: Aetherial Shield ()
Type Heavy Shield
Added by Dawnguard
Editor ID DLC1LD_AetherialShield
Rating Rating 26
Rating Rating 26 {{{Health}}}
Weight Weight 12 Value Value 2000
Tempering Dwarven Metal Ingot
Tempering Dwarven Metal Ingot Perk None
Aetherial Shield

The Aetherial Shield is made at the Aetherium Forge as one of three possible rewards for Lost to the Ages. It turns enemies ethereal for 15 seconds when bashed so they cannot be harmed or harm you.

To make the Aetherial Shield, you must have (in addition to the Aetherium Crest):

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  • The enchantment works on all creatures in the game with the exception of dragons.
  • The enchantment is useful for when you don't want to engage in combat. Bashing them with this shield is very unlikely to kill them and causes them to flee for the 15 second ethereal effect.
  • Even though the shield is of Dwarven make, the armor bonus from Ancient Knowledge, rewarded by the Unfathomable Depths quest, does not apply to this item.


  • The shield's bashing spell does not provide the 15 second duration stated in its description.