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Shivering:Ushnar's Skinned Hound

Shivering Isles: Creatures: Undead
Ushnar's Skinned Hound (RefID: )
Home City New Sheoth, Crucible
House Ushnar gro- Shadborgob's [sic] House
Species Skinned Hound Soul LeveledL:+0 (max:Lesser)
Level PC (max=5) Type Undead
RefID BaseID
  • 12+PC/2 pts melee, unarmed.
Other Information
Health 24xPC (max=120) Magicka 3xPC (max=15)
Respons. 0 Aggress. 6
Faction(s) Player
The original state of Ushnar's Skinned Hound

Ushnar's Skinned Hound is a dead skinned hound which can be found in the upstairs bedroom of Ushnar gro-Shadborgob. It was apparently his "old dog", and it will be given to the player as a reward for completing the related quest. Upon completion of the quest, the hound will be reanimated and will follow the player permanently, acting as a companion. The hound does not respawn and can't be told to wait, so it will be stuck with you until its demise.

Related Quests


  • The hound is a permanent corpse, making it a useful storage device once it dies.
  • The hound doesn't travel with you when you fast travel. Instead, its Speed is temporarily increased to 255 and it will chase after the player, occasionally causing it to lag behind.
  • The hound cannot be reanimated with the Risen Flesh Greater Power if you kill him.