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This article provides an overview of the new creatures added by Shivering Isles. Details about each creature type are provided on individual pages dedicated to each creature variety (see links provided in the article).

Creatures found in the Shivering Isles that are also seen without the expansion pack are documented at the Oblivion article on creatures. Several enemies encountered in the Shivering Isles are actually NPCs, not creatures. In particular see Forces of Order, Golden Saint and Dark Seducer.

Monsters Grummite Undead Daedra
Lvl Name Lvl Name Lvl Name Lvl Name
1 Young Baliwog, Elytra Hatchling, Germinal Gnarl 1 Grummite (Magus) Whelp 1 Mangled Flesh Atronach, Starved Hunger
6 Elytra Drone 4 Skinned Hound 6 Hunger
8 Gnarl Sapling 8 Grummite (Magus) Beater 8 Torn Flesh Atronach
9 Diseased Scalon 9 Decrepit Shambles
10 Baliwog
11 Elytra Soldier 11 Gluttonous Hunger
12 Greater Skinned Hound
13 Gnarl Rootbender 13 Grummite (Magus) Torturer 13 Stitched Flesh Atronach
14 Scalon Brute 14 Shambles
16 Elytra Noble 16 Ravenous Hunger
18 Verdant Gnarl 18 Grummite (Magus) Painbringer 18 Sewn Flesh Atronach
19 Hulking Scalon
20 Venemous Baliwog 20 Replete Shambles
21 Elytra Matron 21 Voracious Hunger
23 Gnarl Elder 23 Grummite (Magus) Deathdealer 23 Mended Flesh Atronach
Unique Creatures
Unoriginal but Unique Creatures



Baliwogs are commonly found near or in water. They regenerate health when swimming.


The Elytra are large insect-like creatures indigenous to much of the Isles. Apart from a slightly different appearance, the Mania variety and the Dementia variety are the same.


The Gnarl has the most unusual trait of being able to use magic cast upon it, and harness that power to bolster its own defense. Apart from a slightly different appearance, the Mania and Dementia varieties are the same.


Grummites can be found all over the Shivering Isles. They appear in different forms, and with different weapons. Grummites regenerate health when it is raining, or when they are swimming.


Scalons are commonly found near water, occasionally leaping from the water and attacking. They have the ability to become invisible, which they often use prior to attacking.



The Shambles appears to be some sort of undead construct made of bone and lashed together with wire or bits of cloth. When Shambles die, they trigger an area-effect Frost Damage effect.

Skinned Hound

Skinned Hounds, apart from their unusual appearance, have no special abilities or attacks. They are often found accompanying other undead creatures.


Flesh Atronach

The Flesh Atronach appears as a sewn-together conglomeration of skin and muscle adorned with mystical symbols and wearing an iron collar. They are commonly found in ruins with undead creatures. Flesh Atronachs are also summoned by Zealots to fight for them. Their appearance bears a resemblance to the Gatekeeper (albeit on a smaller scale). They previously appeared in Daggerfall.


These thin skinned Daedra were previously seen in Morrowind, and serve the Daedric Prince Boethiah. They can be found all over the Shivering Isles. Heretics are known to summon Hungers.