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Shivering:Thaedil's House

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Thaedil's House
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New Sheoth, Bliss

Thaedil's House is a small middle-class house in the south-west region of Bliss. the Sacellum Arden-Sul is to the south, while Books of Bliss and The Missing Pauldron are both to the east.

It is the sole residence of Thaedil



Thaedil's house

The main entrance room has one set of stairs on the south wall leading up to the small bedroom. The cupboard next to the door contains clutter, while the shelf has copies of Bark and Sap, Saints and Seducers, The Prophet Arden-Sul, From Frog to Man and Myths of Sheogorath. The alcove in the southeast corner has a cupboard containing food and a table with two plates of digestive slime, a dish of Congealed Putrescence, and a serving of Grummite eggs ontop. A basket here also holds another congealed putrescence, an alocasia fruit, and a red kelp gas bladder. A head of lettuce and a spool of yarn sit on a pedestal behind the stairs, along with a bust of Sheogorath. The small bedroom at the top of the stairs contains only a double bed and a cupboard containing clothing.