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Shivering Isles: People
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Home Town Fellmoor
House Kishashi's House
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Level PC+1 Class Scout
RefID BaseID
Other Information
Health 38 + (6+1.8)x(PC+0), PC=4-29
Magicka 100 + 3.5x(PC+0) (max=250)
Respons. 50 Aggress. 0
Faction(s) Dementia; Fellmoor Citizen; Wilderness

Ranarr-Jo is an overly paranoid Khajiit scout living his life as a slave in the settlement of Fellmoor. Due to his paranoia, he believes manipulative Water Root Pod farmer Cindanwe can read his mind and is planning to kill him, and as a result slaves in her Pod Pit each and every day. During the related quest, he will ask you to free both him and his “queen”, Kishashi, from Cindanwe's tyranny.

Cindanwe keeps a close eye on the scared Khajiit and forces him to work from 9am to 9pm every weekday; occasionally, he will try and take a break and stroll away from the Pod Pits, but his boss will quickly catch up with him and throw him back into the mud hole. After twelve devastating hours, Ranarr-Jo retires to Kishashi's house for a three hour dinner. At midnight, he leaves and starts sneaking near the outside Cindanwe's house, obviously trying to figure out her weak points. After four hours of spying he returns to Khishasi and goes to sleep in the bed upstairs until it is time for another day in the field. On weekends, he gets some respite from the hard work and will instead stealthily follow Cindanwe around the farm from 9am to 9pm.

Ranarr-Jo's attire consists of fishing waders combined with a pair of huntsman moccasins. He also carries a pair of coarse linens, along with an iron shortsword, the key to Kishashi's house and a leveled amount of gold.

"Cindanwe is pure evil."

Immediately upon arriving in Fellmoor, it becomes apparent that the two Khajiit inhabitants of the settlement have large problems with Cindanwe. Talking to Ranarr-Jo first will net you the quest and the following suspicious plea for help: "Perhaps you could help us? But why should I trust you? You might be, you know... one of Them. Our situation is desperate, she controls our minds... but wait, I've said too much. Talk to my Kishashi. If she will trust you, I will trust you." Talking to Kishashi first will provide the following description of Ranarr-Jo’s problem: "Perhaps you are the one? No, probably not. Never mind. But then again.. Ranarr-Jo is in need of a hero, but I'm not certain you are to be that one. First, you must earn his trust." For her next information to happen, you must have spoken to Ranarr-Jo, then she will explain: "Ranarr-Jo sent you? Did you know that once he was king of the Shivering Isles? Before Sheogorath? In fact, I was his queen. We made Sheogorath by planting little seeds in the ground and watering them with our tears and blood. And now look at us. Living like slaves for that cursed Cindanwe!" She will then explain her relationship with Ranarr-Jo: "Ranarr-Jo. He protects me, like a valiant knight. Always rooting out spies and ne'er-do-wells. He's so good at it, I've never seen one yet!" Speaking to Ranarr-Joat this point will only net you: "Have you spoken with Kishashi? Until she sends word you are a friend, I will not speak to you. Not another word." After gaining Kishashi’s trust one way or the other, she will hand you her old spoon and reveal: "Yes. Of course he can trust you. Give him this spoon. He'll know what it means."

Ranarr-Jo and Kishashi slaving in the pit

Upon returning to Ranarr-Jo with the spoon, he will still be paranoid and suspicious: "Did you talk to Kishashi? I can't trust you if she doesn't. It's nothing personal, really; it's just that everyone else is out to get me. Wouldn't surprise me if you were here spying on me for You-Know-Who. Did Kishashi send you with something? A certain utensil, or weapon... depending on who you ask?" When you hand him the spoon he will say: "Let me see that. Give it here. Where did you get this? This belongs to Kishashi! Did Cindanwe send you to steal this? How did you get this from Kishashi?" Two options are now available to you; if you pick the ‘She dropped it, I’m returning it’ option, Ranarr-Jo will say: "Oh. Thank you. I thought you might be one of Cindanwe's hired thugs. I'll hold onto the spoon. Wouldn't want this to fall into the wrong hands." If you choose the second option, ‘She gave me the spoon to give to you’, he will say: "Oh? Then she must really trust you. Still, I better hold onto it. Just in case. Cindanwe is always trying to hurt my sweet Kishashi. Wouldn't want the slave-driver to get her hands on this spoon." Regardless of your choice, Ranarr-Jo is now ready to describe the problem and his plan to get rid of Cindanwe: "Well, I suppose I can trust you. You did bring me the spoon... Cindanwe is pure evil. She must be stopped at all costs. However, she knows everything about all of us, keeps notes about everything. EVERYTHING! She knows so much about us that she can read our minds! But she doesn't know about you yet. So, you must do it. Get rid of her. Get rid of Cindanwe!" When asked how, he will provide a few ideas: "Well there's the obvious way. But don't let us see you do it. Sheogorath has a thousand eyes and ears. Or, you could make her life so miserable that she leaves us alone. She needs everything "just so. So, sneak into her house and wreck the place! And "confiscate" her notebook. She carries it wherever she goes, recording all our secret thoughts. I need that book! My thoughts belong to me!" On the settlement of Fellmoor, he will warn you: "Watch yourself while you're here. Cindanwe is out for us. She cares for nothing but work, and she keeps us as slaves!" Approaching him again, will have him ask: "Did you wreck Cindanwe's place yet? You know, move her stuff around. She hates when things aren't in their place. Uh, but we shouldn't be seen talking until the mission is accomplished! and close the conversation."

Meanwhile, asking the other Fellmoor citizens about Ranarr-Jo will reveal a thing or two about the paranoid Khajiit. When asked about Ranarr-Jo Cindanwe will tell you: "Doesn't get as much work done as he should. He's always turning things over to look under them, searching for who-knows-what. Not a bad worker -- once he gets his mind on something -- but usually he's doing something unproductive." Asking local hunter Relan will net you his own sadistic observations; on Kishashi, he will say: "She a liar. Say she kill Minotaur with spoon. Ha. Ranarr-Jo, he trust nobody. Except he trust this liar. Why? They strange. Not good neighbors." On Ranarr-Jo, he will joke: "Always he look over his shoulder. Maybe I twist his head all the way around for him. Make it easier to see behind him. Hahahaha."

As suggested by Ranarr-Jo, the quest can be completed in several ways; first of all, it is possible to raise Cindanwe’s disposition so she will hand you her notebook herself; this, however, will not change Ranarr-Jo’s greeting as he will impatient for you to release him from slavery. Killing Cindanwe in cold blood will net you a reward and the following thoughts from Ranarr-Jo: "I knew someone would be able to kill her eventually! Shh. They may be listening. Here, take this. I don't need it's protection against her mind control anymore. Go now! Pretend we don't know each other." If you chose to wreck Cindanwe’s house without acquiring the desired notebook, he will ask: "Did you get Cindanwe's notebook? The one with all our secrets in it? We shouldn't be seen talking until the mission is accomplished!" and close the conversation. After wrecking her house, he will be more talkative: "Ha ha! That should keep her occupied. She'll spend months putting everything back in place! Thank you for your help. Here, take this. I was using it to ward off Cindanwe's evil mind control magic. I don't need it now." Regardless of your choice of solving the quest, and how you obtained the Notebook, you can finally hand it to him which will net you a random skill book: "Excellent! Let me see that.... A-ha! It's right here. Written in her own hand. She is planning to murder us all. I knew it! I'll hold onto this. You don't want to get caught by the authorities with it, do you? I suppose I should give you something in exchange. Here, this book might be of use to you. Now, leave before someone sees us talking. Go! Go go go!" He will then return to his daily routines, tending to the Pod Pits without Cindanwe watching over him. If approached again, he will simply tell you to go away: "There's nothing more to do here. Go! Before someone suspects us!"

Stage-Dependent Dialogue

At different stages in the Main Quest, Ranarr-Jo will share different rumors with you and other NPCs:

  • New adventurers? New slaves for Cindanwe, you mean. If you see them, tell them to steer clear of Fellmoor.
  • People keep saying that the Gatekeeper is dead. I have no idea what that means. Do you know?
  • Did you hear? The Resonator of Judgment is active once again. I don't trust anything that can influence the thoughts of others.
  • Thadon finally has his precious Chalice. But, such things do not matter to those of us who work for a living.
  • Once again, Syl uses pain to get what she wants. How long before every one of us is forced to visit Herdir's chamber?
  • The Torch lights the city once again. Fat lot of good it does those of use working out here.
  • With Syl gone, perhaps someone will help us out here.
  • With Thadon gone, perhaps someone will help us out here.
  • Invaders? You don't... you don't suppose that they've come for ME do you?
  • Now that the Gatekeeper lives again, I have to ask... is he there to keep others out, or to keep us in? Think about it.
  • People keep telling me that the armies of Sheogorath are reassembled... as if this is something that we should be happy about.
  • Sheogorath has vanished? Another already seeks his throne. One tyrant passes and another rises. To the void with them.
  • Don't think for a second that this war is actually over. Stay on your guard. The agents of the enemy lurk everywhere.

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